Senior Mobile SDK Developer

New York, New York /
Engineering /
OneSignal’s 15 first-party Mobile and Web SDKs are installed into nearly 100,000 websites and applications that reach 900 Million unique users a month.  Our SDKs must remain easy to install, work alongside other services, and consistently improve as we add new features.

This is no small feat, but the effort is well worth it: Our clients rave about the quality, documentation, and ease of use of our service.

We’re looking for a skilled developer to help us build upon and maintain SDKs across over a dozen platforms.  The right candidate must have the skill and confidence to learn new programming languages, programming techniques, and fearlessly troubleshoot bugs in mobile devices and web browsers.

What you'll do:

    • Write code in C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, and Dart for our Unity, Xamarin, Cordova, and Flutter SDKs
    • Additionally writing SDK bindings for Android, iOS, Web, and other platforms supported by OneSignal
    • Write high quality code in previously unfamiliar programming languages
    • Create and maintain open source SDKs on GitHub used by hundreds of thousands of developers

Skills and experience:

    • Has 4+ years of experience in at least one of C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, or Dart
    • Is a polyglot programmer and enjoys learning new programming languages
    • Built and published a mobile app using Xamarin, Unity, Flutter, React Native, or the Android NDKs with 3+ years experience on Android/iOS
    • Enjoys interacting with a developer ecosystem and is experienced in leveraging empathy for making better developer products
    • Strong development skills: software development experience in one or more general purpose programming languages
    • Experience interacting with RESTful and RPC APIs
    • Enjoys diving deep to find solutions to tricky bugs
    • Gets excited about the opportunity to join a small but fast growing startup company
In keeping with our beliefs and goals, no employee or applicant will face discrimination/harassment based on: race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, age, gender, marital domestic partner status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or veteran status. Above and beyond discrimination/harassment based on 'protected categories,' we also strive to prevent other, subtler forms of inappropriate behavior (e.g., stereotyping) from ever gaining a foothold in our office. Whether blatant or hidden, barriers to success have no place at OneSignal.