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Aglet today is a digital sneaker collection game, powered by step-counting and an ever expanding catalogue of virtual sneakers. Tomorrow, Aglet will revolutionize how we play games, how we interact with brands, and how the next Virgil Abloh will be discovered.

Aglet is powered by Onlife, a bold company and vision dedicated to inspiring the world to Play Life via a series of gamified overlays of our real, location based, context-rich lives, as we live them. We think we’ve only scratched the surface of evolving our augmented lives - starting with sneakers and streetwear. We believe that “the street” is where the community is - and today, the street is in games. We consider our current app only “gamified.” Our next steps will lead Aglet to provide vastly deeper challenges, storylines, and exhilaration from collection, trading, and creating.

We are a fully remote, creative team distributed around the globe looking for novel ways to bring the metaverse to life.


We are a fully remote, creative team distributed around the globe looking for novel ways to bring the metaverse to life. We’re looking for a passionate Game Designer ready to help create engaging experiences and game play that intersects play with life. We want someone with a wild imagination, but a practical approach that leads to meaningful outcomes. In this role you will be both supporting and taking lead on designs, and as we grow as a team it is expected that you will help develop talent and want to contribute to a growing Design Culture.


* Stretch your imagination beyond standard thinking, drawing inspiration from games, life, and other media to create innovative and groundbreaking designs.
* Have a deep understanding of the current state of the game through design analysis, data analysis, and player sentiment.
* Develop concepts, pitches, design docs, and other executables for new game systems.
* Contribute to the refinement of existing systems both taking them to the next level and improving upon current iterations.
* Take the lead on refining the Economy and creating Player Progression systems to make a more engaging core loop of play.
* Contribute to high level discussions about the vision of the game and help make them into concrete designs.
* Work with and include other disciplines along the journey of game development to level up the game as a whole.
* Manage and mentor other Game Designers contributing to a growing Design culture.


* Must be a passionate Designer who is seeking the challenge to help change the way we think about play.
* Overall 8+ years working in the games industry as a Game Designer.
* 3+ years working in the mobile games industry having developed a deep understanding of the free to play market.
* 2+ years experience of being a manager and/or mentor.
* Has experience designing for RPGs or MMOs with an understanding of the systems that drive their game loops.
* Experience in writing clear and concise design documentation.
* Experience in creating or tuning an Economy.
* Experience in creating or tuning Player Progression loops.
* Strong communication skills.


* Google Drive
* Miro
* Notion
* Tableau

Our vision is to create an onlife world that blends the physical and digital. Our values guide how we work, make decisions and engage with one another.

Open to Play. Think BIG and weird; Approach problems and ideas with wonder; fearlessly develop and deliver on interesting ideas. 

Get Clear. Understand the game you are playing; Ask for help and direction when you need it; Communicate clearly and take notes.

Get it Right. Freedom and comfort to disagree; Proactively share and show your work; Demonstrate vulnerability by sharing uncertainty and challenges.

Radical Ownership. Don’t wait to be told what to do - own your space and make things happen; Own your mistakes and learn from them; Give meaningful feedback to the person who needs to hear it.

Be Active. Show up and participate; Build a community; Invest in your own physical and mental well-being - when you need a break, take a break.


We’re building a new platform that gives a voice to underrepresented creatives. To do that, we are building a team that models the type of world we're trying to create, one that is rich in different perspectives and backgrounds. We encourage all applicants to apply particularly if you are from an under-represented community or have followed an unconventional path to get to where you are - we want to hear from you!