Architect (JavaScript)

Austin, Texas /
Innovation Development Center – Full Stack /
About You
I am a self-starter who enjoys solving problems and thrives in fast-paced collaborative environments.
I get energized influencing “best practices” and mentoring others.
I’m looking for a job that will fuel my desire to continue learning and appreciates my ability to throw in a good joke or two!

About Us - OnPrem and The Innovation and Development Center ­ IDC
We’re in the business of making businesses better - people, processes, and systems. We’re an end-to-end solution provider focused on connecting disparate parts of an organization with technology. We strategize, advise, design, develop, and integrate digital solutions.
Experts in Digital Supply Chain, IP Management, CRM, AI, and Data & Analytics, we do Strategic Planning, Roadmaps, ROI Analysis, Change Management, Process Transformation. We do Solution Evaluation, Implementation, Data Sanitation and Migration. We do Custom Development including UX/UI Design, Product development, and DevOps.
Equal parts thinkers and doers. Visionaries and tacticians. Strategist and technologists. We bring the perfect balance of IQ and EQ to every engagement, and a depth of business and tech chops to every problem. We’re 200+ people strong and growing in four geographic territories.
We believe in acting with integrity. In doing what you say you’re going to do. In being upfront, honest and sincere. In bringing your best to the table always. We’re the team you want to be on, and who you want on your team.
This makes us an exciting place to work, particularly if you’re entrepreneurial at heart.

Job Summary
We’re expanding our Engineering team and seeking an innovative and thoughtful Javascript focused Architect to join us in Austin. You’d work directly with leadership to contribute to the creation of engineering policies, assist in scoping out technical project proposals, present solutions to clients as well as the OnPrem team members, and shape the kind of technologies that we are going to be using. You’d also play an active part in the design and coding of software.   

Join us (Requirements)

    • Significant hands-on software development experience.  Typically 10+ years
    • Responsible for translating business requirements into systems qualities and thence into repeatable design strategies and patterns that enable those qualities (e.g. adaptability, scalability, availability, non-repudiation, reusability, etc.)
    • Responsible for defining opportunities for integration, library/tool/framework selection, specifying the shared data & code resources, defining the interfaces and data-flows, and monitoring the success of said integration.
    • Compiled or designed architectural models of current and proposed systems for use internally and/or in conjunction with Technology PartnersExperience with agile development practices.
    • Highly fluent in modern JavaScript.
    • Experienced in React.JS, Node.JS, TypeScript, or like ecosystemsExperience with Functional Programming and/or reactive programmingFront-end build system such as webpack.
    • Front-end testing units such as Mocha or Jasmine]
    • Experience constructing systems by composing smaller components.  The breadth could include: SOA, REST, Microservices.
    • Experience managing data.  The breadth could include: design of database schema read/write design trade-off decisions use of NoSQL stores for appropriate use cases design of transaction boundaries systems that trade-off mutable state vs. immutable facts