Research Assistant, Policy

San Francisco
Policy & Communications
As a Research Assistant at OpenAI, you'll work with Research Scientists in Policy to analyze the AI policy landscape; conduct research into areas of relevance to AI policy (for example: dual use, coordination between AI developers, measuring and assessing AI progress and impacts); and help us convene, educate, and learn from the world’s experts on policy issues of interest to OpenAI.
This role offers candidates the chance to learn about contemporary AI policy in a fast-paced environment, support research projects in AI policy, and help to think of the best ways to apply this knowledge in high-stakes policy settings. There will also be ample opportunities to collaborate with OpenAI's other teams, for instance those focused on Safety and Language, to craft technically-informed policy.

OpenAI has a range of policy interests relating to AI which include (but are not limited to): forecasting the rate of progress of AI technologies, analyzing how malicious actors may re-purpose AI, understanding how AI might change the geopolitical landscape, and exploring how AI will alter the makeup of the economies it is deployed into.

What we're looking for

    • An undergraduate degree in a relevant area, such as international relations, computer science, liberal arts with a concentration in policy, and so on. We have a preference towards candidates with a masters-level qualification in a relevant subject.
    • A demonstrable interest in artificial intelligence.
    • A desire to learn about the fundamental technical aspects of AI to help inform their views on AI policy. (For example: we would be excited to talk to candidates who have opinions about the policy implications of ‘How AI Training Scales’ or ‘AI and Compute’).
    • An interest in engaging deeply with complex subjects, coming up with solutions that work in multi-stakeholder scenarios, learning on your feet.
    • A desire to try and do the right thing even if it has some cost to you/OpenAI versus doing the medium-right thing with no cost to you/OpenAI.


    • Health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family
    • Unlimited paid time off and generous parental leave
    • Lunch and dinner each day
    • 401(k) plan
About OpenAI

OpenAI's mission is to build safe artificial general intelligence (AGI), and ensure AGI's benefits are as widely and evenly distributed as possible. We expect AI technologies to be hugely impactful in the short-term, but their impact will be outstripped by that of the first AGIs.

We focus on long-term research, working on problems that require us to make fundamental advances in AI capabilities. By being at the forefront of the field, we can influence the conditions under which AGI is created. As Alan Kay said, "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

We publish at top machine learning conferences, open-source software tools for accelerating AI research, and release blog posts to communicate our research. We will not keep information private for private benefit, but in the long term, we expect to create formal processes for keeping technologies private when there are safety concerns.