OpenAI Fellows - Winter 2019

San Francisco
The OpenAI Fellows program is for people who want to be AI researchers and have previously demonstrated excellence in another field.
As a Fellow, you'll work with a mentor to develop your understanding and perform a research project. This program runs for 6 months, which consists of a 2-month period of background learning and exploration followed by 4 months of working on a research project.

Here are a few things we'd like to see in a candidate:

    • Objective achievements in another field, such as creating a large software system, awards in math/science/programming contests, or authoring highly-cited publications
    • Strong technical research experience in another field
    • Open-source reimplementations of deep learning algorithms which replicate performance from the papers

In order to succeed in this program, you'll need:

    • Strong programming skills - Python is the lingua franca for this sort of work.
    • A strong understanding of Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics.
    • To be motivated by AI and its potential.

We will give preference to:

    • People who can join OpenAI full-time after finishing the fellowship.
    • People who have taken the initiative to self-study the fundamentals of ML before starting the fellowship.
    • People with US work authorization.
Applications for the February 2019 cohort are currently closed and will reopen later this year.

We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis and will notify accepted fellows for the February 2019 cohort by 12/11/2018. We may close applications early if we reach capacity earlier than expected.

Participants will work from our San Francisco office during that time and should expect this to be a 40+ hour/week commitment.