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About OpenBB:

OpenBB is a leading open-source investment research software platform that provides access to high-quality financial market data and analytical tools. Our mission is to make investment research effective, powerful, and accessible to everyone.

About the job:

We are seeking our first Account Executive to join our team and play a crucial role in working with customers that are leveraging our enterprise offerings (OpenBB Terminal Pro + Add-in for Excel). This role involves not just selling our products but also managing client relationships throughout the sales cycle and beyond. It's a unique opportunity for someone eager to demonstrate their skills in a dynamic market and be an integral part of our growth strategy.

Duties And Responsibilities:
Networking and Lead Generation: Leverage existing contacts and utilize referrals to identify new points of contact. Explore channel opportunities and facilitate cross-channel introductions.
Prospect Database Management: Build and maintain a comprehensive database of prospects. Document interactions, notes, and qualify leads (e.g. using the BANT criteria).
Sales Cycle Involvement: Understand and manage the entire sales cycle from start to closure. This includes engaging potential clients, presenting our products effectively, and overseeing the negotiation and closing stages.
Feedback Loop Integration: Actively gather client feedback and channel it back to product and marketing teams.
Account Management: Ensure customer satisfaction and manage accounts up to the point of renewal. Address client needs and concerns promptly and effectively.
Deal Closing and Reporting: Take charge of closing deals and accurately report on the projected closing timelines.

Requirements And Qualifications:
- Proven experience in sales or account management, 2 to 3 years in a similar role is recommended.
- Strong networking skills with a knack for developing and nurturing relationships.
- Proficiency in maintaining detailed records and managing a sales database.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills, essential for client interaction and internal collaboration.
- A proactive approach to customer service, with a focus on understanding and meeting client needs.
- Capability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, adapting to evolving market conditions.
- A positive attitude and resilience, especially in the face of challenges or rejection.
- Eagerness for continuous learning and improvement in sales techniques.
- Experience with sales and CRM tools, such as Hubspot.