Growth Marketer, Offline Channels

Growth Marketing
Before you read any further: Our strength at Opencare relies on the diversity of perspective that we work hard to craft on our team. We are all solving the same set of problems from our own unique lenses, and this is fundamental to our success as a business. Experience means something different to each of us, and your unique combination of skills, passions, and experiences makes you a valuable asset to our team.

Don’t feel like you perfectly fit this role? Do us a favour and apply anyway - we love seeing varied and unique experiences!

Opencare’s Vision
To enable people to have optimal health of mind and body, by ensuring they get the preventive care they need.

Opencare is re-designing the dentist visit with a focus on wellness. We live our most important life moments, from laughing and smiling to eating and talking, through our mouths. Yet for such an important body part, the thought of visiting the dentist instills fear and confusion in most people. To us, that doesn’t make any sense.

That’s why we’re rebuilding every moment of the dental experience; not only to be impactful during the visit, but life enriching afterward, too. If you never thought you’d say “Wow, I love my dentist!”, our goal is to get you there.

We believe that people reach their full potential at work when they are happy and healthy outside of work. You can learn more about our culture, as well as our professional and personal benefits here. You can also hear about it directly from our team here.

In order to achieve our vision, we need an incredibly ambitious marketing team that is creative, growth-minded and revenue focused. We are a technology company that happens to be in healthcare, and we treat ourselves as such.

How will you help to get us reach that vision?
As the Growth Marketer for Offline Channels you will help uncover new opportunities to scale patient demand by learning and experimenting with new offline marketing channels and transforming successful experiments into repeatable drivers of growth. You will be actively encouraged to employ creativity, first principles thinking, and a bold conviction that there is no limits to where we can find the next Opencare patients.

This is an exciting opportunity for an ambitious marketer who has a strong background in building out a variety of ROI-positive offline marketing channels and tactics.

Your impact, six months into the role:

    • Establishing new ways for Opencare to drive patient demand by experimenting across a variety of acquisition channels with a focus on offline. Initial opportunities will focus on  partnerships with local businesses, door to door, and events but we’re hoping you will identify other options very quickly
    • Prioritizing channels that have the highest likelihood of supporting team objectives and impacting KPI’s
    • Creating strategy for various acquisition experiments, including clear objectives and success criteria
    • Executing on experiments and documenting key insights and decisions based on quantitative and qualitative data to help improve future experiments
    • Collaborating cross-functionally with internal and external stakeholders to get these programs live ASAP
    • Sharing key findings and future plans with the Opencare team to allow us to continue to iterate and explore new opportunities

Your impact, one year into the role:

    • Continue building scalable and repeatable channels that help drive demand across all of our markets
    • Operationalizing successful experiments to create a self-sufficient and repeatable set of channels that continue to deliver high quality users month over month
    • Developing a strong playbook for how we identify and execute on new experiments for different customer segments in different markets
    • Coaching and mentoring new hires on the offline channels team - share your knowledge to help the team grow quicker!
    • Building the scope of the offline team to help augment wider marketing objectives and incorporate offline channels across the business

What skills will you bring to the team from day one?

    • Experience in user acquisition, preferably in a high growth environment
    • Built successful marketing/user acquisition programs from the ground up
    • Ability to capitalize on big ideas and turn them into actionable plans that can dramatically impact a business
    • Resourcefulness - you always find a quick and creative way to overcome challenges and relish solving tough problems
    • Devotion to measuring ROI and tracking success of your experiments - it can’t be successful if you don’t measure it!
    • Naturally creative and you always come up with ideas that no one else considers
    • Comfortable moving across different channels and constantly adjusting tactics to the specific needs and goals
    • Thrive in environments where your ideas are thoughtfully challenged in the pursuit of a better outcome, and actively incorporate feedback into your personal development
    • Proven leader able to work independently, prioritize the biggest opportunities, and consistently deliver against timelines

What do you have the opportunity to learn?

    • Working in a hyper-growth organization within a strong marketing team focused on delivering results
    • Coaching and mentorship from some of the best minds in the performance marketing world who have a track record of success
    • Stepping up as a thought leader in pioneering unique opportunities that no one else has tried
    • Getting comfortable in a rapid experimentation culture that delivers meaningful impact to the business
    • Unlimited opportunities for creativity and a team that will always look for 10x ideas rather than incremental improvements
What we offer you
Ownership: from day one, you will be deeply involved in defining the strategy and planning for your team. You will help shape the direction of Opencare!
Serious investment in your personal growth: we offer leadership coaching, regular access to a performance psychologist, and mentors in Silicon Valley
Robust wellness program: full health benefits, performance and wellness coaches flown in from San Francisco, in-office yoga sessions, wellness retreats, a nap & meditation room and more...
Unlimited vacation & sick days: we insist that each employee takes adequate time to recharge and avoid burnout
Healthy food and drinks: daily organic catered lunches, snack bar and fridge full of healthy snacks
Top-of-market compensation: we believe that the best people should be compensated as the best people
Stock options: everyone who works at Opencare owns a part of Opencare and gets considerable financial upside as we continue to grow
Team events: we share a passion for our work and also know how to have fun (team retreats, monthly events, weekly socials etc.)
Great downtown location: we have a spacious, open-concept office right at Dundas and University

About us
Opencare is on a mission to untangle healthcare. We are passionate believers that preventive care is the best path to optimal health, so we work hard to make getting access to preventative health practitioners as transparent, convenient, and comfortable as possible.

Right now, we are focused on connecting patients to exceptional dental care, which means only recommending the top 10% of dentists in the city. We’re right beside patients every step of the way -- from personalizing the initial search, to making it effortless to book appointments online, and ensuring the actual visit is as enjoyable as possible -- to make sure patients receive an experience that is easy and rewarding.

Quick facts
- Culture is our number one priority -- which is why we have such an amazing team!
- We are delivering over $165 million in patient value each year (and growing!)
- Patients love Opencare, giving us a net promoter score higher than their iPhone and Netflix
- Funded by top-tier US venture firms and angels (8VC, ff VC, Real Ventures, Collaborative Fund, and more)