Head of Sales

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Before you read any further: Diversity of thought is our thing at Opencare; we’ve worked hard to craft a team with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Why? We're glad you asked! We are all solving the same set of problems from our own unique lenses, and this is fundamental to our success as a business and ability to produce creative solutions. Experience means something different to each of us, and your unique combination of skills, passions, and experiences makes you a valuable asset to our team.

Opencare’s Vision
To reinvent how dentists run their practices, so they can focus on what matters most: providing exceptional patient care.Opencare is building technology to transform the dental industry.

Running a dental practice is becoming more and more complicated every year. At Opencare, we believe that dentists shouldn't have to worry about managing their practice, which frees them up to prioritize world class patient care experiences. After all, we live our most important life moments, from laughing and smiling to eating and talking, through our mouths. 
Yet for such an important body part, the thought of visiting the dentist instills fear and confusion in most people. We want to change that. 

Through the Opencare technology platform, we are enabling dentists to connect with new patients, streamline their day-to-day operations, and manage their billing seamlessly. All of this frees up time and energy that can be dedicated to helping patients understand and improve their oral wellness.

We believe that people reach their full potential at work when they are happy and healthy outside of work. 

Our Sales Team’s Vision
Our goal is to bring the right technology and service solutions to every dentist in North America, and help them manage and grow their business in a seamless way. The sales team takes great ownership for consulting with dentists to help them understand the opportunities within their current business. 

Our core product delivers a simple promise to dental practices: we will help you grow your practice, risk free. We do this by delivering patients directly to the practice without their team needing to lift a finger on marketing. Further, they only pay us if the patient actually shows up and has a successful appointment. As a result, we confidently deliver a 4.5x ROI to dental practices within 90 days. Talk about a no-brainer!

To help dentists understand our product offering, our sales team need to be trusted experts in the space, and build great relationships with both dentists and front office staff, to create a “win-win-win” scenario.

How does this role help us reach that vision?
As our Head of Sales, you will be developing the strategy and playbook for how our Sales team operates day-to-day and scales to meet the growing demands of the business. You need to be an expert in hiring, training, coaching and process to ensure our team operates with world class excellence. You'll need expertise in our sales stack: Salesforce, SalesLoft, and Gong. And you'll be a part of our Senior Leadership Team, advocating for sales and contributing to company level strategy.

Your impact, six months into the role:

    • Deliver 50% revenue growth for the business
    • Understand and execute on key opportunities in our sales process to consistently deliver against quota and grow team throughput
    • Experiment and develop new direct-outreach strategies to put our best foot forward when we outreach to target practices
    • Take ownership of our CAC to figure out ways to improve LTV:CAC for the business
    • Grow and mentor a talented team of performance-focused Account Executives and BDRs by breaking down barriers to their progress
    • Create a supportive and positive team dynamic that focuses on safety and vulnerability that allows the team to bring their whole-self to work
    • Work with the Data and Finance teams to identify location gaps and targeting practices in under-served zip codes

Your impact, one year into the role:

    • Continue to iterate and improve on all aspects of our sales organization as we accelerate into 2023 and beyond
    • Develop high-performing team members who are engaged, innovative, entrepreneurial, and well supported in their career development 
    • Launch new markets across North America to achieve our "Opencare Everywhere" vision
    • Work with Customer Success team to integrate learnings from churned practices into sales process and reduce impact of churn by enhancing the sales process
    • Function as a well-respected, cross-functional leader across the business
    • Expand on our existing lead generation activities by developing new inbound channels

What skills will you bring to the team from day one?

    • Experience at a Director or VP-level in an early stage tech startup
    • 3+ years of experience with direct outbound tech sales to brick and mortar SMBs
    • A track record of consistently achieving and exceeding sales targets, and driving meaningful new revenue growth
    • Proven ability to build sales playbooks, backend processes, and reports to ensure the team has the resources to be set up for success
    • Strong success as a coach, mentor, and trainer to help level up BDRs and AEs
    • A culture first mindset and track record of cultivating high performance, collaborative, no-drama sales cultures
    • High aptitude for critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration
    • General business leadership as you collaborate with the Executive team in overcoming the challenges that a high-growth company experiences with the ability to communicate and advocate for the sales function at a strategic level (eg. Which cities should we launch next?) 
    • An existing network of sales reps that you can bring into the organization to help you hit the ground running