New Channels Specialist

Before you read any further: Our strength at Opencare relies on the diversity of perspective that we work hard to craft on our team. We are all solving the same set of problems from our own unique lenses, and this is fundamental to our success as a business. Experience means something different to each of us, and your unique combination of skills, passions, and experiences makes you a valuable asset to our team.

Don’t feel like you perfectly fit this role? Do us a favour and apply anyway! Take Quintin for example.  He joined Opencare from a large Consumer Packaged Goods organization and is now applying his skillset in a small, fast-paced start-up environment. Over 8 months, Quintin grew email, SMS, and referrals revenue 380% to drive $1M in incremental revenue. Quintin learnt SQL from the data team allowing him to test and run A/B experiments autonomously. Quintin is now working with product, engineering, and the creative team to identify new growth levers across the company. Opencare would not be the same without him.

Opencare’s Vision

To enable people to have optimal health of mind and body, by ensuring they get the preventive care they need.

Opencare is re-designing the dentist visit with a focus on wellness. We live our most important life moments, from laughing and smiling to eating and talking, through our mouths. Yet for such an important body part, the thought of visiting the dentist instills fear and confusion in most people. To us, that doesn’t make any sense.

That’s why we’re rebuilding every moment of the dental experience; not only to be impactful during the visit, but life enriching afterward, too. If you never thought you’d say “Wow, I love my dentist!”, our goal is to get you there.

We believe that people reach their full potential at work when they are happy and healthy outside of work. You can learn more about our culture, as well as our professional and personal benefits here. You can also hear about it directly from our team here. 

Our Demand Team’s Vision
In order for Opencare to truly impact a change in people’s perceptions around dentistry, we need to attract patients to our platform, and effectively communicate the “why” behind this vision. We want to build a world where going to the dentist is a regular part of your overall wellness routine, and allow for proactive and well-informed decisions to be made around who you trust with this important part of your health.

How will you help to get us there?
As a New Channels Specialist at Opencare, we are looking for someone who is hungry to learn and to take their career in Growth Marketing to the next level. This is an incredible opportunity for someone to take ownership of discovering and delivering on brand new marketing channels for Opencare, finding new Patients in places that we haven’t looked before, and contributing to 10% month over month growth in 2020. By the end of your first year, you will have full ownership over brand new growth channels - online, offline, organic, paid, and everything in between!

You’ll learn from an incredible team of thought leaders in the growth marketing space, including Sean, Simon, June, Peter, and Quintin

Some channels that we’ve tested include TV, Podcasts, Out of Home, and Affiliates and we’re just getting started.

Your impact, six months into the role:

    • Owning and managing key vendor relationships in order to drive efficiency across existing channels
    • Testing up to 5 new growth channels and setting up the parameters for success, and scaling 1 - 2 of the channels that you think will have the biggest impact on the business
    • Defining, tracking, and analyzing key growth metrics to drive strategic decision making around growth marketing for the business
    • Meaningfully contributing to our top line revenue, and directly impacting the health of hundreds of thousands of Patients
    • Unlocking net new audiences that we haven’t been previously been able to reach through digital, offline, paid, and organic channels
    • Helping to drive the strategic, board level priority of the business forward - specifically around channel diversification and driving top of funnel awareness

Your impact, one year into the role:

    • Negotiating and closing six figure deals with vendors without oversight, while keeping all stakeholders in the loop 
    • Unlocking and scaling four new channels for growth across the business
    • Collaborating with the Data Science team to explore and understand the relationships between our channels as we move towards a multi-channel attribution model
    • Driven significant top of funnel awareness, resulting in lift across all channels
    • Assisting in the launch of new markets across North America through hyper local new channel experimentation

What skills will you bring from day one?

    • Some experience (internships work!) in a marketing, data, or growth related role
    • Willingness to try everything - after all, this role is all about experimentation!
    • You bring a growth mindset and a strong desire to learn
    • You are comfortable with ambiguity. Since everything you’ll be doing will be a first for the company, there won’t be a playbook for you to follow - you’ll be it’s author!
    • A strong affinity for using data as a tool for problem solving, an analytical mindset, and at least an intermediate level of competency with Excel
    • A basic understanding of marketing concepts such as CPA, CPC, CTR, conversion rates etc will go along way to evaluating channels quickly. If you’ve got it already, or are willing to get up to speed on these concepts before your first day, it’s a great fit!

What skills will you have the opportunity to develop?

    • You’ll fast-track your Growth Marketing skills set by learning from a team of seasoned thought leaders in the space, and pack years' worth of knowledge into your first year at Opencare
    • Understanding how to choose test and select new growth marketing channels, and forecast their impact on the business
    • Scaling a growth channel from 0 to meaningful and significant contribution to a channel mix
    • Exposure to a wide variety of growth channels, from paid, to organic, offline, and everything in between!
    • Planning and negotiating effective media buys across channels 
    • A sharpened data analytics approach to solving business problems, and experience in collaborating with a team of Data Scientists to get there
    • Understanding how conversion rates change by channel and how that impacts the business overall
    • Learning to thrive in a fast-paced, hyper-growth start up environment