Director, Customer Operations

Customer Success
Before you read any further: Diversity of thought is our thing at Opencare; we’ve worked hard to craft a team with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Why? We're glad you asked! We are all solving the same set of problems from our own unique lenses, and this is fundamental to our success as a business and ability to produce creative solutions. Experience means something different to each of us, and your unique combination of skills, passions, and experiences makes you a valuable asset to our team.

Don’t feel like you perfectly fit this role? Do us a favour and apply anyway! Take our Chief of Staff, Stephen, his background is widely varied encompassing audit work at PwC, a stint as an English teacher, before joining Ritual as employee 18. Stephen’s work is typified by his adaptability and willingness to take on whatever challenge Ritual threw at him! 

From launching new cities, to improving their global operations and procedures, this experience set him up to be successful in a broad and varied role as Chief of Staff. Since joining, Stephen has helped to lead both the Sales and Customer Success functions in their operations as well as deepening our understanding of marketplace dynamics.

Opencare’s Vision

To enable people to have optimal health of mind and body, by ensuring they get the preventive care they need.

Opencare is re-designing the dentist visit with a focus on wellness. We live our most important life moments, from laughing and smiling to eating and talking, through our mouths. Yet for such an important body part, the thought of visiting the dentist instills fear and confusion in most people. We want to change that. 

That’s why we’re rebuilding every moment of the dental experience; not only to be impactful during the visit, but life enriching afterward, too. If you never thought you’d say “Wow, I love my dentist!”, our goal is to get you there.

We believe that people reach their full potential at work when they are happy and healthy outside of work. You can learn more about our culture, as well as our professional and personal benefits here. You can also hear about it directly from our team here.

Our Customer Operations Team’s Vision
With over 600 dental practices as part of the Opencare network, our Customer Operations team focuses on making sure each and every practice can achieve their goals. Whether that is increasing the revenue of their dental practice, or improving the quality of a patient’s visit, the Customer Operations team will be there to support our dentists in their customer journey with Opencare.

How does this role help us reach that vision?
As our first Director of Customer Operations, you will be the visionary leader that helps build a team with a shared vision and set of values. The team is incredibly smart and wants to push the boundaries of what they can do to help our customers, so it is up to you to harness that capacity and provide shape and direction to them. 

You will start by getting on the front-lines with the team, listening to our customers and understanding the pain-points that they need solutions to. From there, work collectively with Customer Success, Enablement, and Support to begin building scalable and repeatable playbooks that enable all team members to be high-value partners to our dentists. Working collaboratively with our Sales team, you’ll also help lead the holistic strategy for our dental practices.

Your impact, six months into the role:

    • Understanding our current customer operations approach, and diagnosing the key areas that need to be addressed
    • Outlining a clear strategy for how the team will scale to align with the growth of dentists across the US and Canada
    • Identifying the right blend of proactive and reactive support activities to provide the right support for each of our practices
    • Creating a set of playbooks and processes that help our dental practices grow revenue and in turn, assist in driving revenue for Opencare
    • Managing churn metrics by retaining healthy accounts and removing those accounts that don’t fit with the Opencare platform
    • Building out a suite of dash-boarding and reporting tools that give you complete control and insight of all active accounts
    • Growing and mentoring a performance-focused Customer Operations team by breaking down barriers to their progress
    • Creating a supportive and positive team dynamic that focuses on safety and vulnerability that allows the team to bring their whole-self to work

Your impact, one year into the role:

    • Complete ownership for our interactions with over 2000 dental practices in North America
    • Achieved consistent revenue growth across key customer segments in line with company goals
    • Developing a high-performing team members who are engaged, innovative, entrepreneurial, and well supported in their career development 
    • Designing and building out a Customer Operations team that ensures patients are receiving white glove service for their Opencare appointments

What skills will you bring to the team from day one?

    • You’ve built and iterated on operational processes and are comfortable working 1-on-1 with your team to tackle tricky customer problems and get deeper understanding of the dynamics at play
    • You've spent time spent in customer facing functions, such as Account Management, Customer Success, Customer Support, or Support Operations
    • Experience and interest in managing people and helping to resolve the challenges that emerge in a rapid growth environment
    • A genuine passion for understanding our whole business, not just Customer Operations, and prioritizing the holistic growth of Opencare first and foremost
    • Ability to communicate with the Executive team and advocate for the Customer Operations function at a strategic level
    • You’re a strong collaborator across the company with the ability to influence and lead others
    • A coaching mindset; you’ve helped individuals grow and scale with the business and you’re eager to build out a team of high-performers once again