Director, Software Engineering

Remote (Canada) /
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Location: We are currently remote due to the pandemic and may or may not return to an office. Our home city is Toronto, but we are open to applicants across Canada and the USA.

Before you read any further: Diversity of thought is our thing at Opencare; we’ve worked hard to craft a team with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Why? We're glad you asked! We are all solving the same set of problems from our own unique lenses, and this is fundamental to our success as a business and ability to produce creative solutions. Experience means something different to each of us, and your unique combination of skills, passions, and experiences makes you a valuable asset to our team.

Don’t feel like you perfectly fit this role? Do us a favour and apply anyway! Take Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Erin Godard for example. Erin began her career at EY, moving up the ranks in public accounting and gaining her CPA. In 2017, Erin took a sabbatical to Rwanda and started a social enterprise providing financial expertise to local companies to help them scale up and improve their operations. After returning to Canada, we initially approached Erin about a controller role at Opencare, but after a shift in priorities we needed someone to helm a new product and take it to market.

Erin stepped up, and has grown our Revenue Cycle Management business line by over 500% in less than a year by combining her strong people skills with financial acumen to identify the right opportunities to pursue. Erin has been a critical part of our growth and really proves that hiring great people and giving them room to lead can drive tremendous results.

Opencare’s Vision

To reinvent how dentists run their practices, so they can focus on what matters most: providing exceptional patient care.

Opencare is building technology to transform the dental industry.
Running a dental practice is becoming more and more complicated every year. At Opencare, we believe that dentists shouldn't have to worry about managing their practice, they should focus on providing world class patient care experiences. After all, we live our most important life moments, from laughing and smiling to eating and talking, through our mouths. 

Yet for such an important body part, the thought of visiting the dentist instills fear and confusion in most people. We want to change that. 

Through the Opencare technology platform, we are enabling dentists to connect with new patients, streamline their day-to-day operations, and manage their billing seamlessly. All of this frees up time and energy that can be dedicated to helping patients understand and improve their oral wellness.
You can learn more about our culture, as well as our professional and personal benefits here and you can also hear about it directly from our team here. 

Our Engineering Vision

Over the next few years, we are building a holistic platform that encompasses a number of products that are critical to the success of dental practices as they recover from COVID-19. From growing their practice, to managing their billing processes, and streamlining their revenue management, Opencare will be the partner that solves their business operations challenges. 

There are a number of complex technology challenges as we integrate our different product offerings. Ranging from the latest web technologies (Angular, React, and Node) to desktop based .Net solutions, our engineering pods keep pushing themselves to build solutions that are seamless and easy to use for patients and dentists alike. 

How does this role help us reach that vision?
As our Director of Engineering, you will be leading an engaged, and product focused, engineering team of 11 as we embark on the next phase of product expansion and growth.

As our most senior technical leader in the company, we’ll be looking to you to make strategic technical decisions that balance the needs of the engineering team with what the business needs immediately. For example, one of our current questions is around the right timing to implement our React migration? How do we know when we should pause feature development to do this migration to alleviate our technical debt?

There are no clear cut answers to these types of questions, so we will rely on your discretion to make these calls in collaboration with our Head of Product.

Working with our business line leaders, Evelyn & Erin, the product and product design teams, you will collaborate to understand all of the competing priorities and make strategic trade-offs that keep your engineering function focused and highly engaged.

Your impact, six months into the role:

    • Understanding our current engineering processes, vision, and priorities and have identified areas of opportunity across the organisation
    • Building strong coaching relationships with your team that focuses on safety, vulnerability, and inclusivity that allows the team to bring their whole-self to work
    • Enabling our day-to-day delivery operations to improve speed and quality of our software engineering work in collaboration with your team leads, manager, and senior engineers
    • Establishing healthy relationships developed with critical business line leaders
    • Collaborate with the executive team to identify key resourcing needs for 2021 and build your team to prepare for growth and expansion
    • Implementing an integrated QA process that lifts the quality of our code

Your impact, one year into the role:

    • Integrated our multiple products into one platform for our customers that is easy to use, understand, and is always available for them
    • Creating a robust 12 month technical roadmap 
    • Continuing to create opportunities for development and growth for your team in both technical and people tracks to ensure the team is highly engaged and motivated
    • Taking a leading role in building Opencare’s engineering brand externally to help folks understand how we operate, and give back to the Canadian tech ecosystem

What skills will you bring to the team from day one?

    • Wealth of experience in building, scaling, and inspiring engineering teams in high-growth environments
    • You’ve built strong engineering processes and are comfortable working 1-on-1 with your team to tackle tricky technical problems and help build a high-trust team
    • Passionate about positively resolving the people challenges that emerge in a rapid growth environment, and creating avenues for future growth and development on your team
    • Excited by navigating ambiguity and providing clarity and direction to the engineering team
    • Comfortable working in a services oriented architecture and optimizing teams using different technologies
    • Strong advocacy for the engineering function at the executive level and creating connection between the business needs and engineering’s priorities