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OpenInvest Applicant Demographic Survey

This demographic survey is completely optional and choosing not to answer will not affect your application. Any information obtained will be completely anonymized from your application. This information will be kept secure and confidential and will be used solely to evaluate our diversity and inclusion efforts. OpenInvest is committed to improving diversity, equity and inclusion in its hiring and in the company. We have a lot of work to do, and we are starting by collecting data on both our applicants and our employees. The questions are the same questions we ask of our employees in a bi-annual, anonymized survey. Any question can be skipped. The questions we ask reflect the DEI standards to which we we hold companies to in our investment causes: gender diversity, racial diversity, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, and disability inclusion. You can see our causes here:

  • How do you describe your ethnicity?

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  • What is your gender identity?
  • What is your sexuality?
  • Do you consider yourself a person with a disability?