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Do you want to improve the lives of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD)? Join Ophelia and help improve patient access to evidence-based, high-quality treatment they deserve, with medication for OUD (MOUD).

When the x-waiver was still a requirement, fewer than 5% of eligible clinicians had one, and only 50% of waivered clinicians prescribed buprenorphine at all. While x-waivers are no longer required, there is still an undeniable gap in providing MOUD to patients.

Ophelia exists to change that. We're looking for providers who are patient-centered, non-judgmental, and want to offer patients the treatment they need to stay well. 

Ophelia is a healthcare startup that helps individuals with OUD improve their health and quality of life. We make medical best practices for OUD discreet, convenient, and affordable by providing FDA-approved medication, support, and therapy through a telehealth platform. Our mission is to help patients manage their OUD by using evidence-based treatment, technology, and a commitment to patient privacy and choice. 

We are a team of clinicians, scientists, startup veterans, and White House advisors, backed by leading technology and healthcare investors working to re-imagine and re-build OUD treatment in America. We've been successfully operating in 14 states for almost four years and we're excited to continue our growth.

As a Telehealth Clinician, you will evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with OUD under the guidance of Ophelia’s Medical Directors and in accordance with medical best practices. Your primary responsibilities will include MOUD induction and stabilization via the Ophelia telehealth platform. You will be part of an integrated team of prescribing clinicians, clinical care managers, nurses, and care coordinators that, together, will provide patients with the highest-quality clinical care. The Ophelia support team will take care of scheduling, billing and other administrative logistics, thereby allowing you to do what you do best: care for patients.

This is a part-time position and is not eligible for benefits. We are open to 10-30 hours per week. We offer flexible scheduling where you can build a weekly schedule that works best for you.

Key Responsibilities

    • Evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with OUD
    • Work collaborative as part of an integrated team-based model
    • Track clinical data in Ophelia’s internal EHR system in a timely manner
    • Participate in weekly case review meetings with the Ophelia clinical team
    • Provide non-judgmental, non-stigmatizing care to patients with OUD


    • Licensed Nurse Practitioner or Physicians Assistant in Pennsylvania
    • 1+ years of experience treating patients with OUD
    • 1+ years of experience prescribing MOUD
    • Able to offer high-quality, compassionate care to a diverse population

Here's What Ophelia Offers You

    • Mentorship from national Addiction Medicine experts: meet monthly with our Medical Directors, attend seminars from outside experts in the field, and discuss complicated cases with our clinical experts
    • A panel of motivated patients: work with patients that are driven to improve their OUD and love being part of Ophelia
    • Administrative support: outsource all scheduling, pharmacy, and administrative demands to our care coordinators
    • Referral network for mental health and psychosocial support: rely on our care coordinators to provide referrals and warm handoffs to external services
    • 21st century technology: forget cumbersome EHRs, faxing, and outdated systems. We’ve built our own EHR to ensure you have a smooth and easy charting experience
    • A say in what matters: help us build better services and products to ensure we always have happy clinicians and happy patients
    • Flexibility: Ability to work remotely from anywhere in the US!
$60 - $60 an hour
Ophelia's Compensation Philosophy: We set compensation based on the level and skills required for the role. We value pay transparency and equity, and are committed to fair pay. In order to prevent pay disparities and reduce time spent in negotiations, we take a “first and best” offer approach: this means we’re not holding any compensation back from our candidates, and you can feel confident that our pay is fair and does not vary based on the strength of someone’s negotiation skills.

Compensation is dynamic at Ophelia: as long as the company performs well and meets our targets, there will be opportunities for increased compensation annually. We’re happy to discuss this approach and our bands if you have questions during the interview process.
If you're interested, apply now! We'd love to hear from you.