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Do you want to improve the lives of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD)? Join Ophelia and help improve patient access to evidence-based, high-quality treatment they deserve, with medication for OUD (MOUD).

When the x-waiver was still a requirement, fewer than 5% of eligible clinicians had one, and only 50% of waivered clinicians prescribed buprenorphine at all. While x-waivers are no longer required, there is still an undeniable gap in providing MOUD to patients.

Ophelia exists to change that. We're looking for providers who are patient-centered, non-judgmental, and want to offer patients the treatment they need to stay well. 

Ophelia is a healthcare startup that helps individuals with OUD improve their health and quality of life. We make medical best practices for OUD discreet, convenient, and affordable by providing FDA-approved medication, support, and therapy through a telehealth platform. Our mission is to help patients manage their OUD by using evidence-based treatment, technology, and a commitment to patient privacy and choice. 

We are a team of clinicians, scientists, startup veterans, and White House advisors, backed by leading technology and healthcare investors working to re-imagine and re-build OUD treatment in America. We've been successfully operating in 14 states for almost four years and we're excited to continue our growth.

Our clinical team consists of primarily mid-level (PA/NP) providers, and as we continue to expand care will need the support of additional Collaborating Physicians to join the team. 

The primary responsibility of the Part-time Physician is an administrative role as a Collaborating Physician for our midlevel providers (PAs/NPs) across all our practicing states. 

Each of our clinicians is managed by an internal Clinical Management team to ensure quality care, documentation review, and best practices are being followed according to our policies and protocols. Collaborating Physicians will be able to work closely with Clinical Management team on an as needed basis, join Clinical Team meetings, Grand Rounds, and smaller clinician Pod meetings to stay connected to the clinical work being conducted at Ophelia. 

On a quarterly basis the Collaborating Physician will be responsible for signing off on required documentation / chart reviews that will initially be conducted by our Clinical Management team with notes regarding any inadequacies. Our goal is to ensure the administrative role of the Collaborating Physician is fully supported by the Clinical Management team. 

Key Responsibilities

    • The administrative requirements will vary depending on the number of supervisory relationships, but we this role will entail the following responsibilities:
    • Execute documentation establishing supervisory relationships in a timely manner, per state requirements
    • Maintain licensure and all required registrations to prescribe controlled substances in all states with supervisory relationships
    • Quarterly chart reviews (monthly if state requires)
    • Meet all legal requirements of individual state supervisory relationships
    • Attend two 30 min Ophelia team meetings per quarter


    • Licensed MD in Pennsylvania or New York and the ability to become licensed in multiple states
    • Experience in Psychiatry and/or addiction medicine (preferably treating OUD specifically)


    • $800 for first month (paperwork, shadowing, learning the model) 

    • Monthly Stipend per number of NP/PAs supervised; will adhere to the limitations of PAs
    • Tier 1: 5 - 10 relationships; 2 hours per month $350
    • Tier 2: 11 - 15  relationships; 3 hours per month $525
    • Tier 3: 16 - 20  relationships; 4 hours per month $700
    • Tier 4: 21 - 25 relationships, 5 hrs per month $875

Time Requirements:

    • Included in the estimated time framework above are:
    • Onboarding/Getting Started (one time) - 4-5 hours
    • Quarterly Chart Reviews
    • Team Meetings - 1 hour per quarter
    • Clinician touch points - 1-2 hours per month

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