Manufacturing Process Lead

Boston, MA
Product Development

About Optimus Ride
Optimus Ride is a self-driving vehicle startup working to enable safe, sustainable, and equitable mobility solutions. Our mission is to transform cities and pave the way for a more sustainable future through the introduction of self-driving technologies.

Optimus Ride headquarters are located in the Boston Seaport District. Our team hails from a diverse set of backgrounds, and cumulatively has decades of experience building self-driving vehicles, electric vehicles, manufacturing robots, surgical robots, autonomous drones, underwater robots, and more. We aim for a highly collaborative, hands-on, and open environment where peers learn from each other while building technologies for real-world environments.

Transportation is for everyone, and we create a better product when our team reflects our users. We constantly strive for a culture where under-indexed groups are welcome and can flourish.

The Role

Optimus Ride is seeking a manufacturing process lead to help scale our fleet of autonomous vehicles. You will collaborate with members of the all teams to ensure that quality vehicles are delivered to customers on schedule. As the first member of the hardware deployment team, you can help build and shape the team that transforms and maintains our vehicle fleet.

Our team is focused on a rapid path to market, in order to maximize the benefits of self-driving technologies for all. To do this, we need our employees to be versatile, have leadership qualities, and be enthusiastic about tackling problems across the full range of our systems. Working at Optimus Ride you will innovate with engineers and designers with expertise in computer vision, machine learning, sensing and actuation, human-machine interface, and design. You will be creating new technologies that integrate your areas of expertise to enable self-driving systems to be possible today.


    • Manage the conversion of vehicles from stock to autonomous
    • Create build schedules and create/update work instructions
    • Set up inventory and production area
    • Manage technicians working on vehicle retrofits and maintenance
    • Find suppliers, create drawings, inspect incoming parts
    • Design/build fixtures for improved assembly
    • Create and maintain workstations for more efficient assembly
    • Participate in vehicle conversions and maintenance
    • Oversee maintenance of vehicles
    • Help setup off site maintenance areas
    • Support R&D on the build and implementation of new and experimental systems

Required Skills

    • Comfortable using handtools and power tools (e.g., screwdrivers, wrenches, drills, saws)
    • Able to lift and transfer a 40lb object
    • Comfortable working in, around, and under a car
    • Able to complete a visual assessment of the vehicle and/or parts
    • Experience managing electromechanical projects (including projects where you were the only team member)
    • Familiarity with organizational systems used for tools and supplies

Bonus Skills

    • Machining experience with any of the following: mill, lathe, waterjet, CNC mill/lathe/router
    • CAD design experience
    • Experience building wire harnesses
    • Experience working with vehicles

(We are open to reviewing resumes of candidates who may not have these qualities yet, but demonstrate the potential to learn them on the job).

Benefits and Perks
At Optimus Ride, we understand that everyone has a unique situation outside of work. We strive to support our employees by offering competitive compensation and benefits, including flexible work, family leave, and paid time off policies.