Orbship 2024

730 Lincoln Lake Ave Lowell MI 49331
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APPLICATION CLOSED - Email ashley@orb.aero directly to inquire.

The Orbship is a project-based, self-directed fellowship with an uncapped compensation model. If an unconventional fellow brings just as much value to Orb as a full-time employee, then we match that fellow's salary, regardless of credentials, and then some. The Orbship is designed to be the highest correlation between work and reward of any “internship”. 

It takes place onsite at Node One in Lowell, MI May 2024-August 2024. No remote options available.

Please visit orb.aero/orbship for more details on the application process and schedule.
$0 - $35 an hour
You will be given set project milestones that align with a payscale. You get paid based on the project milestones accomplished prior to coming onsite in May 2024.