Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead)

Orange County, California Area
Our Tech Environment
New products are built primarily using Scala, Java, Node.js, Go and any number of front-end technologies (React, GraphQL, Webpack, Redux, etc.). Mobile development is both iOS and Android.

Software is packaged with Docker and deployed with CircleCI on top of AWS and Kubernetes. We leverage open source data technologies such as DynamoDB, Spark, Kafka and PostgresSQL. Infrastructure is configured using Ansible and Terraform and monitored using Datadog.

You’ll find individuals experimenting with everything else (Haskell, Clojure, Elixir, Kotlin, Rust, etc.) and we’re always ready to use a new language or a new framework when it’s ready or when a project dictates.

We work in small, fast-paced, cross-functional agile teams.

What we’re looking for

    • You enjoy your craft and love working with others who feel equally strong about their professions
    • Experience building software in production using Java, Angular, Node.js, Sacala or Go
    • Expertise in software engineering best practices
    • Strong skills in software architecture and system design
    • Experience using a variety of database technologies
    • Familiarity with AWS technologies and services
    • Experience with microservice and service-oriented architecture patterns
    • Ability to create alignment within a team around technical direction
    • Experience in test-driven development and agile methodologies
    • Ability to collaborate with product managers to define technical requirements
    • Strong communication skills
If you think you would be a good fit, we would love to hear from you!