Sr. Engagement Manager

New York, New York
About Originate
Originate was founded in 2007. Headquartered in San Francisco, we have over 150 employees across our offices in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Las Vegas, and Newport Beach. We are the on-demand accelerator for companies across the world. Regardless of industry or location, companies looking to explore new ideas and new opportunities turn to Originate as their trusted and capable innovation partner.

Who are We?
Originate is a concept-to-launch software company. We partner with enterprises and mature startups to accelerate their time from ideation to market. Our goal is to help our people and our partners to realize their potential faster in an evolving, uncertain world. Whether it's enabling a business to lead in an existing market or to enter into a brand new one, we have the experience and we want to help.

At the heart of Originate is a deep appreciation for ideation and innovation. We are continuously curious and thrive on making impossibilities possible. Our practice consists of technology-agnostic experts specializing in rapid prototyping and agile methodology. We love bringing prototypes to the end user and using their feedback to iterate on the product.

Who Works at Originate?
Originators are talented, creative, and motivated self-learners. New and emerging technologies inspire us to create not only new products but new kinds of products. We thrive on collaboration and have teamed up with countless partners to resolve complex technology and business challenges across a diverse set of fields. Individually we are unique, collectively we are inventive, and in partnership we are unmatched.

We are seeking an Sr. Engagement Manager who will be responsible for coordination and execution of services delivery and product adoption for key strategic partners. This role is client-facing and requires interaction with various stakeholders at all levels, both internally and externally, with the goal of overall partner success. This person should be a highly motivated, strategic thinker who can guide, inspire, coach, and mentor our project team(s) as well as be capable and willing to get deeply involved in the day-to-day tasks.

This role is part consultant, part strategist, part psychologist, part account executive.  The successful candidate for this highly visible role will have the ability to work well under pressure and be able to communicate clearly and effectively. He or she must also be able to observe an environment or situation and know exactly how to handle it while maintaining the Originate brand:

STRIVE & THRIVE: we're looking for someone who thrives in a fast paced, high-tech, entrepreneurial environment, where the expectations and benchmark for success are high.  Someone who can empower, motivate and drive our team and partners to surprising new heights. 

HUSTLE: know how to quickly adapt to ever changing circumstances and priorities and be able to navigate big personalities and leadership politics that inevitably come with innovation and change .

GET PEOPLE: deeply understand that the human side of building technology is a critical and often under-valued component of success.  We're humans working with humans to design and build solutions for humans. We're looking for someone who genuinely enjoys to see people happy,  maximizing their potential and building great things, together. We're looking for someone who is deeply intuitive and perceptive with a high EI.  

LOVE to LEARN: be interested and passionate about technology, innovation, up to speed on market trends and should be a lifelong learner; eager to learn about emerging technology, new ways of working, open-minded to new ideas, appreciates feedback and is always looking to up their own game.

BE  TOUGH:  doesn't shy away from difficult conversations, isn't afraid to address the elephant in the room and head-off issues, ready to pitch a big scary idea, knows how to be honest with partners and team members to drive to a better outcome for all. 

HONEST:  we're a no BS culture, we want to demonstrate value through action and outcomes.  We're looking for authenticity, not painted on polish.


    • Provide on-site leadership and relay Originate's value proposition, technologies and services to help position to our partners the overall engagement strategy.
    • Understand what partners value and what is needed for Originate by identifying upcoming business opportunities, success criteria, and clearly articulated milestones for plan execution.
    • Set up team resources, then adjust and identify gaps/needs while facilitating cross-functional meetings (including developing agendas, enabling discussion, and tracking follow-up actions), between external partners & internal Originate teams
    • Maintain a positive and collaborative mindset, while working independently without day-to-day management support
    • Lead teams in an agile work environment, managing cross-discipline dependencies
    • Create and maintain plans and schedules while proactively providing consistent partner communication, reporting and documentation
    • Manage scope between product needs and Originate’s needs
    • Track budget for both invoicing and forecasting, in accordance with contract guidelines
    • Conduct sprint ceremonies, including stand-ups, planning, reviews, and retrospectives
    • Manage software product releases and associated dependencies
    • Provide Originate executive team with weekly project status reports, which track project risks
    • Manage outside vendors involved in an engagement
    • Maintain a positive and collaborative mindset, and identify solutions to challenges
    • Work independently without day-to-day management

Required Experience

    • Managed software product teams, minimum 5 years experience
    • Led cross-discipline teams of at least 10 individuals
    • Managed a budget of at least $1M
    • Previously involved on the execution side (engineering, product, or design) of software delivery
    • Managed multiple projects simultaneously, varying in size
    • Familiar with project management tools, such as JIRA, Trello, OpenAir, Microsoft Project, etc.
    • Familiar with software version control tools, such as GitHub
    • Bachelor’s degree in Business or a related field, Technical degree a plus
    • Consulting experience and Project Management Professional (PMP) certification a plus
If you think you would be a good fit, we'd love to hear from you!