Senior Software Developer, Machine Learning Specialist

Montreal (EN)
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Role overview

As a Senior Software Developer - Machine learning specialist, we expect you to be disciplined regarding software development, and ready and eager to collaborate with and mentor technical and non-technical teammates as you plan, develop, and deliver enterprise AI software solutions for our clients. We expect you to take ownership of your tasks, excel at time management, and be a fast learner, while also focusing on ongoing personal improvement.

The technologies listed below are mentioned to give you a reference point for our stack. Above all else, we look at the personal ability and potential for growth when hiring for this position.

Your key responsibilities

    • Develop bleeding-edge AI-driven solutions
    • Identify opportunities to implement AI technologies and tooling
    • Develop software according to specifications and documentation (SRS, C4)
    • Define and communicate non-functional requirements
    • Coach colleagues in their use and implementation of AI technologies
    • Confidently take initiative on projects and tasks
    • Uphold and reinforce software development guidelines
    • Research, test, and implement new techniques and technologies
    • Advise and consult with clients about technical decisions and direction. 

The ideal candidate

    • Has 5+ years experience as a software developer or engineer with at least 3 recent years in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Neural networks, Natural Language Processing, Generative AI and/or Predictive Analysis
    • Has a PhD, Master’s degree in Computer science or Software engineering specialized in AI, or equivalent degree or experience. 
    • Is bilingual (French and English).

You should be proficient with

    • Python 3
    • Key Python Libraries (such as Numpy, Pandas, Pytorch and Scikit Learn)
    • Data Analysis, Cleaning, Processing and Augmentation 
    • Deep Learning Frameworks (such as TensorFlow, Keras, and Pytorch)
    • AI Services on at least one cloud-hosting platform (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.)
    • Machine Learning Operations
    • Application Testing (unit, functional, E2E, etc.)
    • Development Methodologies (Agile, Scrum, XP, Kanban, Shape Up, etc.)

It’s a plus if you have experience with

    • GoLang, Java and/or JavaScript
    • Enterprise Software Development
    • In-Memory object storage, caching, and queue systems
    • Microservices and Serverless Systems 
    • Domain-Driven Design
    • A major modern client-side framework/library such as Angular, React, Svelte, etc.

What we offer

    • Competitive Salary and contribution to your pension plan (RRSP)
    • Flexible hours of work and choose how you work 
    • Work from anywhere up to 8 weeks
    • Paid sabbatical
    • Wellness and productivity spending account
    • Parental program
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Only considered candidates will be contacted.