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Over the last 15 years, companies like AWS, Stripe, and Twilio have helped developers offload anything not core to their apps so they can focus on what matters to their users. Despite a lot of progress in developer tooling, most developers still roll their own authorization.

You might start with something quick 'n dirty – some IF statements and roles in a database, which may not be pretty but gets the job done...until you need to add more features, and more features. And inevitably every team band-aids onto this system until they do a big refactor. This is lost time for an area that's not core to what most companies are trying to solve for their users, and what's more, no one on the team is feeling great about this work.

At Oso, we're building the first batteries-included library for authorization so developers don't have to roll it on their own ever again. We're designing slick APIs to cut down the amount of time they spend getting their system set up, and building a fully-fledged policy engine and programming language under the hood to ensure they can customize their system however they need. We don't have any product managers – the engineers on the team are responsible for taking broad problems, experimenting with potential solutions and shipping a superhuman experience for our users.

We open sourced Oso late summer 2020, and the feedback has been amazing. While we've written a lot of documentation, one of the primary barriers to engaging new and would-be users is showing them when and how to use Oso. To that end, we are looking for a technical writer to help us create more articles, blog posts and documentation for our user community.

What you'll do

    • Write some quick blog posts by repurposing pages on the docs and interviewing our cofounder/CTO
    • Write longer 'how-to' blog posts, which might include building sample apps or showcasing new features in action
    • Write documentation on new features to make Oso users feel supported
    • Write long-form content that's relevant to our user base of developers trying to solve problems related to authentication, authorization, and application security more generally

Who you are

    • You're an owner. You are accountable to results over the process. You prioritize your team's success over the success of any one project.
    • You like to ship. You're happy to explore product ideas through design, hacks and guides before designing and building something fully baked. You get satisfaction from getting concrete output into users' hands in a short period of time. You prioritize speed over explicit permission, and a calculated risk over further analysis.
    • You're for the makers. You want to understand our end users' world and prioritize solving their authorization problems above everything else, including your own personal preferences and the elegance of the solution. You look for ways to make easy things easy, and impossible things possible.
    • You're always learning. You have no problem throwing away ideas and code if they don't pan out. You are optimistic and/or determined enough to keep hunting for new ones. You're not afraid to take something on just because you don’t know how to do it yet.
    • You give and take feedback. You seek out critical feedback. You have the courage to give critical feedback to others.
    • You pierce your echo chamber. You ask questions, and look for your blind spots by talking to people who aren't like you.
    • You can see your team as people. You have their backs and cheer them on.


    • You have worked at a startup or in a similar environment
    • You get what kind of content developers want to read, and can articulate this
    • You can write clear and creative content, and can demonstrate this by sharing at least 5 writing samples of long-form content you wrote on your own
    • You can code and learn new technical concepts quickly
    • You know the concept "Show, don't tell" (or you can Google it, then grok it)

Nice to have

    • Experience with our problem space, e.g., building internal authorization systems
    • Experience with multiple web frameworks and ORMs
Oso is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or disability status.