Machine Learning Engineer

Los Angeles, CA / Remote /
OthersideAI /
OthersideAI is building productivity and communication tools of the future, powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence technology in existence. Our products leverage superscale AI models, including GPT-3, to give users writing superpowers, allowing them to create amazing content faster.

We’re looking for a talented and motivated machine learning engineer with experience designing and implementing a range of cutting-edge machine learning models. We’re hiring someone passionate about productivity to develop and iterate models across our platform and help build the future of communication.

Here's what you'll do day to day:

    • Collaborate closely with technical leadership to design and implement machine learning systems, leveraging transformer architectures
    • Ideate and iterate to synthesize novel solutions to a wide range of highly complex natural language problems
    • Own what you build - suggest new ideas and strategies to improve our systems

Here's what we're looking for:

    • Strong track record with Python and the standard ML libraries
    • Experience building and deploying production NLP systems using both supervised and unsupervised techniques
    • Strong mathematical skills (Linear Algebra, Set Theory, Vector Spaces and Statistical Mechanics)
    • Basic working knowledge of linguistics
    • A desire to work in an extremely collaborative, transparent, and high-growth environment
    • Dedication to solving complex problems that have a material impact on society

Bonus skills:

    • Reinforcement learning
    • Recommendation systems
    • Experience building scalable software systems