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What we are building

Overmind’s mission is to enable more developers to enter web3, build ground-breaking products, and access rare opportunities. We believe that one of the biggest drags on crypto’s growth is the friction and uncertainty that developers face in the transition from web2 to web3.

Overmind makes it easy for everyone, regardless of what coding experience they have, to continue to learn, earn, and grow through a series of quests, and find their next role in web3. Overmind quests are designed in partnership with web3 companies hiring in collaboration with Overmind, including start-ups from within the Aptos ecosystem. Quests range in complexity, length, and subject matter, making learning web3 accessible for people at all stages of their development journey.

The Overmind is formed by the collective intelligence of those bold enough to join it. Enter at

Skills & Experience
Essential Requirements
1+ years of development experience
English working proficiency (written & oral)
Experience with Solidity, Rust, or Move
Bachelors, advanced degree, boot camps, or other certifications in Computer Science or related subject

Please be advised that this job opening is for our partner companies. This is not a job listing for an internal role at Overmind. We are proud to connect some of the brightest minds, of all levels with our partners.

What happens if I apply?
An Overmind talent team member will review your application with the aim to reach out to you within 5 working days if we believe your profile will be of interest to our partners, to learn more about your current interests, skills, and career development goals so we can match you with our partners hiring on Overmind

Who we have helped?
- We have enabled thousands of developers to learn how to build on Move in partnership with Aptos and get connected to Aptos’ ecosystem hiring teams
- We are currently in the process of partnering with other industry-leading projects to help connect the new frontier of developers to exciting career opportunities
- We fast-track Overmind community members to connect with our partners who are currently hiring through warm introductions and up-skill them via Overmind quests
- Overmind developers have been supported in their efforts to win globally acclaimed hackathon competitions and prizes as well as launch their own applications

We welcome developers of all levels of coding experience who:
- Have a growing interest in the crypto/web3 space looking to transition their career into web3 or find their next web3 role
- Are not sure how to find a new role in web3 and are looking for a route in