Sr. Procurement Manager - Shanghai

Operations (China)


    • Develop and grow Owlcam’s procurement team and functions
    • Work with global supply managers to ensure uninterrupted supply from manufacturers
    • Track global inventory and costs
    • Communicate with vendors on a daily basis to collect delivery updates
    • Oversee component procurement and PO/Invoice tracking
    • Create POs in ERP system - based on forecast and lead time
    • Track PO lifecycle: send out > est. delivery dates > receipts > invoicing > RMA
    • Update MRP with OPOs and Shipments

What we’re looking for:

    • Fluent written and spoken English
    • Proven ability to work both independently and cross-functionally
    • Must have an innate desire to organize information in spreadsheets and help others do so with their work

Experience and skills:

    • 8+ years experience in a similar role with multi-national companies
    • Must have an innate desire to organize information in systems and help others do so with their work
    • Familiarity with ERP systems
    • Previous experience in the consumer electronics field


    • Has worked in procurement on smart phone projects
    • Masters Degree
    • Has worked for a US based brand
About owlcam
At owlcam, we love cars and the people that are in them. owlcam uses video and data to make our roads safer for everyone. owlcam builds services and cameras that empower people, business’ and insurers to deal with events like crashes and break-ins better, faster and fairer. owlcam is committed to improving peoples lives with thoughtful respectful use of new AI technologies.
owlcam is a series A start up, based in Palo Alto CA, sales launched in March 2018. In owlcam’s first year sales were bigger than Nest, Ring or Dropcam first year. In 2019 owlcam will continue to grow with the addition of new features, major retailers and expansion into B2B2B enterprise fleet sales.
owlcam is lead by Andy Hodge (founding leader on Apple iPod and iPhone, Microsoft Hololens and was VP at Dropcam). Our 50+ person team is located in Palo Alto, CA. The team has  experience from previously creating successful products with over $100B in sales, at places like Apple, Dropcam, Fitbit, and Microsoft.
owlcam’s hiring process is committed to offering equal opportunity to everyone who applies; we hope you do!