Software Engineer

Austin, TX
About Us
Founded in 2011 out of Y Combinator, OwnLocal serves local businesses by providing digital advertising and marketing products to newspaper media companies. Our technology establishes and expands the online presence and reach of hundreds of thousands of local businesses around the globe by bringing their print advertising online.

2018 will be an exciting new year for OwnLocal as we bring new products to market that customers will love. We are also looking to expand beyond the newspaper industry while continuing to empower local news to survive. It’s an exciting time to join OwnLocal in a high-growth stage and the opportunity is unparalleled.

About You
We’re hiring curious people with backend skills.  We are mostly a Ruby & React stack with a bit of Python and Go where appropriate, and running in AWS.  Backend systems need to give us insight into what is happening under the hood and scale to thousands of requests per second.  No easy task!  If you have experience improving backend systems, adding features, building internal monitoring and tools - we want to talk to you!


    • End to End Ownership - you’re responsible for designing, building, and maintaining efficient, reusable, and reliable code, but we take ownership for everything we have. It’s never "not my problem."  
    • Make it Real - Our creative product team dreams up new features and ideas that push the edge of our industry and you make it real.  It’s what you love to do, we provide you with everything you need, including a team that’s eager to see you succeed.
    • Make it Better - improve our apps using any language, framework or library that is appropriate for the job.  Currently, we use Ruby, Rails, Python, Go, React, Redux, ElasticSearch, and AWS
    • Ensure Reliability - Bugs happen, but what happened? Did we know it was going to happen before it caused problems? This is what adding telemetry to our apps is about. Trying to predict causes before they become an issue. If they do become problems, we spring into action to solve it asap with the right tooling that helps us find the answer fast. 


    • Ready for continuous deployment: have tests, migrations and design review in place before you PR
    • CS degree isn't required, but you are expected to know your way around a terminal, be comfortable with unix basics (file, process, socket), browser developer tools, and HTTP verbs
    • Experience with scaling and performance improvements
    • Have strong opinions on creating maintainable APIs, including versioning, content negotiation, and authentication
    • Work well with a team
    • Local to Austin 
About OwnLocal Culture
OwnLocal has a culture of ownership, humor, and mastery. Our team is small enough that you can see how your work affects the bottom line, and large enough to be stable. We have a partially centralized approach - we appreciate that some people do their best work at 2 AM and while certain things have to be done during business hours, we're not worried about your butt in a seat; we're worried about getting things done and that's what you will be judged on. We like to experiment. We're proud to make mistakes (but more proud of our successes). We're always trying to get better. People who work for us are expected to question the way we do things. If you're not willing to fight for what's right, stop reading this now.

Get Started Now
In addition to all the cliché perks and benefits that tech startups provide, we’ll outfit you with whatever equipment you need, provide catered lunch daily, an unlimited Starbucks card (sorry, coffee snobs--you’ll have to buy your own Medici), stellar health benefits, competitive salaries, paid public transit, and a set of other benefits unique to OwnLocal that make it a pleasure to work here.

If you’re ready for new opportunity and career growth, we look forward to hearing from you. We promise to be respectful of your time and will move as quickly as possible through the process to a decision. Our process will consist of a very selective filtering of candidates (be sure to represent yourself well when applying), an initial phone conversation with someone on our engineering team (expect 30-45 minutes), an onsite interview (expect a few hours in our downtown Austin office), and then an offer.