Sr. Support & Implementation Engineer

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About Pachyderm

At Pachyderm, we're building an open-source enterprise-grade data science platform that lets you deploy and manage multi-stage, language-agnostic data pipelines while maintaining complete reproducibility and provenance. If you want to learn more about our grand vision, read what has become our "manifesto." Our system, developed with open source roots, shifts the paradigm of data science workflows by providing reproducibility, data provenance, and opportunity for true collaboration. Pachyderm utilizes modern technologies like Docker and Kubernetes to build an entirely new method of analyzing data.  Offered both as an in-house solution as well as hosted-service, Pachyderm brings together version-control for data with the tools to build scalable end-to-end ML/AI pipelines while empowering users to use any language, framework, or tool they want. 

As a Sr. Support & Implementation Engineer at Pachyderm, you will be part of a small, elite, customer-facing engineering team (think Seal Team 6) devoted to solving challenging infrastructure and data platform issues for both our open source users and enterprise customers. This can be anything from debugging network issues to architecting complex machine learning pipelines to troubleshooting Kubernetes and Docker. This role is perfect for engineers who love working directly with customers and prefer to witness success alongside the user first-hand.

This is highly technical, mostly post-sales role focused on maximizing value for our enterprise deployments, but will also include working on PoCs, engaging with prominent OSS users, and being part of our broader customer success org. You will manage our customers through deployment, training, implementation of best practices, and ongoing troubleshooting. These projects can range from small projects at AI technology startups to fortune 100 enterprise implementations.
While you'll have direct access and support from our engineering team, you will also have ample opportunity to commit the core Pachyderm codebase yourself. As an open source project, detailed GitHub issues are great, but PRs are pure gold!

Your primary focus will be driving the support and implementation process, but you’ll also have direct exposure to our community of users via our open source support channels.  At Pachyderm, OSS user and customer feedback is major driver of our product roadmap and we believe that everyone within the company should experience that first-hand.
Pachyderm is just a small team right now, so you'd be getting in right at the ground floor and have an enormous impact on the success and direction of the company and product. However, this also means that you will support pre-sales, help align on goals and KPI’s and contribute to customer success. In addition to Support Engineering, our first few hires in these roles will also be doing some pre-sales Solution Engineering and Technical Account Management. We are currently looking for all three roles and as such, you are welcome to apply to one or more.  
Finally, please do feel free to check out the product on GitHub as it’s open source!
We offer significant equity, full benefits, and all the usual startup perks.

Key Duties

    • Initiate project coordination with customer and internal team members
    • Install and configure the technical solution based on specific customer requirements
    • Understand customers’ requirements and their technical architecture
    • “Hand-hold” throughout planning, system deployment, training, and scaling
    • Establish effective communication protocols between Pachyderm and the Customer
    • Troubleshoot technical issues on configuration and product related issues
    • Ongoing support and ensuring technical success
    • Implementation work will mostly be remote, but occasional on-site time with the customer will be part of the job


    • 3+ years in a Support, Professional Services, Implementation/Solutions or similar customer-facing engineering role
    • Must have an engineering background with hands-on experience with containerized infrastructure, including Kubernetes
    • Significant experience at the command line, navigating Linux systems, debugging, installing tools, etc
    • Strong debugging skills are a major need (grepping logs, stack traces, tracking down permission issues, etc)
    • Excellent communication skills and the ability to "hand hold" the customer through technical challenges
    • You are a self-starter, tech-savvy professional and it’s easy for you to understand a company’s business requirements and explain Pachyderm’s value and technical details to C-level executives, a technical guru and everything in between
    • Previous hands-on experience with AWS, Azure and/or GCP including deployments, security, authentication, etc. On-premise kubernetes deployment experience is great bonus!

Bonus Points

    • Previous experience in Professional Services supporting Enterprise customers in the Data Science/ML infrastructure space
    • You have experience using Pachyderm and/or other ML/Data Science platforms
    • Development experience in Golang, Python, C/C++ or similar is great too