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Panum is seeking a National Agriculture Library (NAL) Professional Librarian to support the Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) with its professional librarian services to work collaboratively with the AWIC staff to document the process for handling literature search requests.
The tasks and deliverables described below involve professional librarian education and experience (MLS or MLIS required), and highly specialized library applications, services, and information products.

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Work collaboratively with the AWIC staff to document the process for handling literature search requests.
    • a).Document policies and procedures when responding to literature search requests.
    • b) Create a template for responses that can be used by all AWIC staff for consistently reporting results; including search strategies, databases, and time periods covered by the search, date the search was performed, and search results.
    • Conduct thorough literature searches on request to AWIC customers and for AWIC projects.
    • a) Implement literature searching in appropriate sources, including scientific literature databases contained peer-reviewed materials (i.e., Scopus, PubMed, USDA’s Navigator, etc.) and databases containing grey literature (conference proceedings, federal agencies, etc.)
    • b) Define and refine research questions as they pertain to a topic’s objectives
    • c) Develop inclusion/exclusion criteria to use while screening citations
    • d. Finalize the search results and send it to the requestor and/or work with AWIC’s web manager to make the data available on the AWIC website using available tools (such as the Drupal Biblio module).
    • Provide reference services to NAL and AWIC customers.
    • a. Respond to customer inquiries via RefTracker, email, mail, or phone.
    • b. Record all reference transactions in RefTracker using the policies and guidance established by NAL and AWIC.
    • In collaboration with the AWIC staff, standardize materials for use in facilitating an AWIC training course on meeting the information requirements of the Animal Welfare Act.
    • a. Revise and update the instructor guide with both administrative and content instructions for AWIC’s in person workshop.
    • b. Write an adapted version of the instructor guide for the in person workshop for the virtual trainings, workshops and webinars
    • c. Standardize background templates and formatting of presentation and handout materials, implementing requirements detailed in the USDA visual standards and ensuring section 508 compliance during presentations and in web-based presentation.
    • Design slide decks that are interchangeable and reusable with modifications depending on the audience or type of training.
    • Assist in writing participant guides/handouts, including materials such as course agendas, presentation materials, quick reference guides, etc. using plain language techniques.
    • Provide support to AWIC staff during training programs both virtually and in person. Support may include instruction to participants, facilitating learning exercises, setting up and tearing down the training space, and assisting with the registration process. Travel may be required.
    • Update and revise the AWIC and NAL web content as needed to increase traffic and user’s time on the website
    • a. This includes updating, revising or deleting some content from the AWIC to ensure AWIC is highlighting the most relevant information for its customers
    • b. This may also include working collaboratively with AWIC staff to transition the AWIC website into Drupal 8.
    • Assist with the creation and implementation of free, on demand training videos AWIC can highlight on their website that are relevant to the AWA, 3Rs and literature search for users to view at any time.
    • a. This includes, assisting with a proposal document for this project as well as a scoping document, identifying the various video topics covered, creating the presentation, recording the presentations and posting them on the AWIC website
    • Complete and provide feedback, edits and revisions to the online AWIC workshop to ensure the presentation does not become stagnant and/or obsolete
    • a. This may include updating the content, deleting content, including new content (like 3Rs examples, literature search examples, etc.), presenting content in different forms/ways, etc.
    • Help create and put together outreach content that fulfills AWIC’s mission of providing information for improved animal care and use in research, testing, and teaching

Minimum Qualifications

    • Bachelor’s degree (or graduate work) in the biological or animal sciences (or related) field
    • Skilled in scientific writing and literature searching in multiple databases and search engines
    • Experience in reference service work (i.e. providing responses to customer or public inquires)
    • Experience working with Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC) committees or the biomedical/research community
    • Previous experience conducting outreach to various customer groups in a variety of mediums such as presentations, trainings, exhibits, conferences, developing content for programs, etc.
$70,000 - $85,000 a year

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