Principal Product Engineer - Expressions of Interest

Melbourne, VIC
Product Development – Engineering
Full Time
Our Product Engineers are not just software developers, we generate ideas, help drive the product roadmap and request features we want to see, advocate for our customers, push the boundaries, realise the potential of our software, and love the art of simple yet effective code.

Our Principals Engineers add ideas that drive our roadmap and our innovation. They think of technical solutions that mean we're one step ahead of the market, meaning we can build features our customers are yet to ask for. This can be rare for a software engineer but it's what sets us and our products apart from other product companies out there.

Our teams are agile and multidisciplinary, including product, tech and marketing so that we can be fully full stack. We form these teams around the best ideas and what will bring the most value to our customers. We're engineered driven and fuelled by coffee. We build things that make a difference and have fun doing it.

At PaperCut, it's not about profits and business metrics. It's about building strong long lasting relationships. After 20 years we still have our first employees, first resellers, and first customers. Our success is not measured by a balance sheet, but instead by the impact we've had across 50 million end-users, 180 countries, and 60,000 organisations, ... and the trillions of pages we've saved.

What success looks like...

    • You can make appropriate technical decisions that facilitate success of the software over a longer period of time.
    • You're able to research and propose technologies and architectural decisons.
    • You're able to break down a product vision into practical and well-defined milestones to facilitate an iterative product rollout.
    • You can make good tradeoffs between technical and product drivers.
    • You're able to make tradeoffs about technical debt based on the lifecycle of the product, and guide teams on how to make the right quality investments at the right time.
    • You're able to bring deep, relevant technical expertise that opens up new product opportunities.
    • You can motivate the team to go beyond their comfort zone and embrace new approaches and technologies while organising their work effectively.
    • You're an exemplary communicator and teacher about technology with respect to product development.
    • You're an ambassador for PaperCut within the technology community.

Some of the things you'll do...

    • Oversee multiple initiatives concurrently to make sure they have suitable technical direction and task management.
    • Introduce new technologies into the company and making sure that teams know how to use it effectively.
    • Identify significant business opportunities that are possible through the creation or application of new technology.
    • Design and roll out changes to our recruitment and onboarding process for engineers.

The Perks...

    • Hopefully you love coffee, because we have unlimited espresso coffee at our in-house cafe. We’ll even train you to be a barista, as we value quality in everything we do.
    • Our Camberwell location is central without being in the city, only a minute's walk from the train station and easily accessible by car. You also get an outstanding view of the city from our outdoor deck.
    • You will have access to generous parental leave and flexible working practices.
    • There will be plenty of opportunities to focus on your well-being with weekly yoga, meditation, running, and walking groups.
    • We love loyalty, and hope that you do, too. PaperCutters get an additional five days annual leave for every five years they spend with us.
    • Co-founders Chris and Matt genuinely love sharing success with our people. So each year you'll get a 'Share the Success' bonus based on how well we met our company goals.
Our culture…

Our startup way of thinking means we’re wired a little differently to your everyday corporate. You’ll find us in our comfy clothes around the coffee machine, not in suits around the boardroom table.

We're not interested in who's "in charge"; we collaborate with one another and continuously evolve what makes us great.

And as an equal opportunity employer that values diversity and inclusion, we proudly encourage people from all walks of life to apply (even tea drinkers).

So if the above made you stand up dramatically, look to the horizon, and think: “Whoa, that’s me,” send us an application – and let us know how you like your coffee, too.

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