Research Engineer (Security)

San Francisco, CA /
Paradigm – Research Team /
Full Time
Paradigm is a San Francisco-based investment firm focused on crypto and blockchain-related technologies across the globe.  We are a registered investment adviser with the SEC and make investments in companies and protocols at all stages, ranging from early-stage venture financing rounds to growth equity to liquid token assets.  Paradigm was co-founded in 2018 by Matt Huang (former Partner at Sequoia Capital) and Fred Ehrsam (Co-founder of Coinbase), and since then we’ve been hard at work building a world-class team to support our portfolio of 30+ companies and the crypto ecosystem globally, with the broader goal of accelerating crypto’s ability to improve people’s lives worldwide.

The Paradigm research team is a unique institution — an industrial research organization embedded within an investment firm. The research team has collaborated with portfolio companies on projects like Uniswap v3 and Optimism, invented new protocols like the Yield Protocol and TWAMM, and helped the investment team evaluate key opportunities on the frontier of the space like Flashbots and StarkWare.

We’re looking for an exceptional security engineer with an adversarial mindset who can connect the dots that others cannot. This person would work alongside samczsun to ensure the security of our portfolio companies as well as representing Paradigm within the crypto and security communities, all while enjoying a high degree of autonomy.


    • Ensuring the security of our portfolio’s various assets, both on-chain and off-chain
    • Keeping up with the bleeding edge of security research
    • Serving as the public face of Paradigm in highly technical environments (e.g. developer conferences), and bringing back notes and strategic recommendations to the Paradigm team
    • Engaging with the crypto community on social media in a productive, positive way that furthers our reputation as technical leaders in the space
    • Helping to evaluate specific investment opportunities
    • Serving as an educational resource for the investment team


    • Familiarity with common smart contract vulnerabilities
    • Foundational knowledge of software engineering and/or mathematics
    • Extensive knowledge of existing crypto projects and their threat models


    • Has played in a CTF
    • Has posted a piece of writing (blog, tweet, etc) about security research
    • Has found a bug in a contract on mainnet Ethereum
    • Has performed an audit or similar level of code review


    • Exceptional team player
    • Extreme open-mindedness
    • Clear and concise communication, in both 1:1 and public settings
    • Affable style for community engagement
    • Empathy toward the concerns of others, both within and outside Paradigm
    • Adaptability in rapidly changing circumstances
    • Highly curious; fast learner
    • Anons welcome