Data Engineer

Reston, VA
Infrastructure Engineering /
Full-Time Employment (40+ hrs) /
Paradoxum Games is looking for a Data Engineer to help us make sense of all of the data that we collect, and act on it accordingly! As a Data Engineer, you'll help us bring large-scale data pipelines to life, which will be processing millions of events per day. Your job is to take all of the data we collect, and turn it into measurable & actionable data points for management to take action on.

You're a good fit for this role if you:

    • Required: are familiar with project organizational strategies (SCRUM, Agile, etc)
    • Required: have excellent written / verbal communication skills in English
    • Required: have experience writing complex database queries in SQL
    • Required: are familiar with container orchestration engines (Kubernetes, HashiCorp Nomad, Docker Swarm)
    • Required: have a background in data science (Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience)
    • Required: are familiar with data visualization software (matplotlib, Grafana, Graphviz, etc)
    • Required: are familiar with object storage services (Amazon S3, Cloudflare R2, Backblaze B2, etc)
    • Required: have experience designing large-scale data pipelines, from initial ingest to end-user display
    • Required: have an experience with modern large-scale database solutions (Cassandra, ScyllaDB, FoundationDB, etc)
    • like to write Python / R / MATLAB code (we use Python, but appreciate any experience you may have)
    • have experience working with ClickHouse
    • enjoy writing SQL queries, and know how to optimize them
    • have a background in game design, with an understanding of KPIs for games
    • like crunching big amounts of data (we have over 1.3+ billion events, and growing!)

You will:

    • Work with other team members located remotely via Slack / Google Meet
    • Collaborating with cross-disciplinary peers, manage complex initiatives that span multiple peers and teams, and leading projects start to finish, including assessing risk, setting goals, and following up with peers to ensure timely delivery
    • Create reusable data pipelines to process millions of events per month
    • Create actionable reports for upper management to act on
    • Create complex aggregations in SQL for our ClickHouse database, joining across multiple data sources (e.g. player data)
    • Write internal tooling to perform & visualize aggregations on-demand
    • Identify & monitor key performance indicators

Bonus points:

    • Have experience working in a self-managed or remote environment
    • Have an understanding of the Roblox platform and player motivations
    • Have experience contributing to the Open Source community
    • Have existing code snippets of your current work, either on GitHub or provided as files
$90,000 - $120,000 a year
Please note that this compensation is for employees based near our headquarters in Reston, VA. The actual base pay is dependent upon a variety of job-related factors such as professional background, training, work experience, location, business needs and market demand. Therefore, in some circumstances, the actual salary could fall outside of this expected range. This pay range is subject to change and may be modified in the future.
Please note that this job is only currently available to people that are 18+ and are based in the US! While we'd love to hire from outside the US, currently we're not able to at this time.