Software Engineer, Infrastructure

Reston, VA
Infrastructure Engineering /
Full-Time Employment (40+ hrs) /
Paradoxum Games is looking for a new infrastructure software engineer to help us move off of the cloud and into the datacenter! As a infrastructure software engineer, you'll work directly with our principal engineers to develop & maintain new, reliable, and performant infrastructure that serves millions of people each month.

You're a great fit for this role if you:

    • Required: have 2-3+ years of experience administering and maintaining large-scale container orchestration systems (Kubernetes, HashiCorp Nomad, Docker Swarm)
    • Required: have a solid background (2-3+ years of experience) in low-level systems programming (C++, Rust, Go)
    • Required: are intimately familiar with industry-standard networking protocols (BGP, VRRP, OSPF)
    • Required: are OK with being on-call and ready to respond to incidents
    • Required: have excellent written / verbal communication skills in English
    • Required: are OK with occasional travel to datacenter sites (Ashburn, VA)
    • have great problem solving skills - not every problem is straight forward here!
    • have great organizational / planning skills, with a keen sense of exactly when things need to be re-organized
    • have a passion for both playing and making games
    • have experience debugging complex problems at scale across multiple different components
    • like high impact projects and project ownership, designing infrastructure that hundreds of thousands of players use daily
    • are familiar with next-generation software-defined VPNs (Tailscale, WireGuard, etc)
    • understand the importance of having good metrics / telemetry (OpenTelemetry, Victoria Metrics, Jaeger)
    • don't mind occasionally (and we mean, occasionally) working on the weekends to get something out the door
    • are familiar with common network topologies (Hub/Spoke, Backbone, etc)
    • don't mind pulling out Wireshark to debug a networking issue, or getting your hands dirty and writing a Wireshark dissector for a bespoke network protocol you designed
    • have an appreciation for well-written, thoughtful, and down-right beautiful code
    • know the T568B wiring standard by heart
    • can lift over 50+ lb easily (2U servers are heavy!)

You will:

    • Work with other team members located remotely via Slack / Google Meet
    • Collaborating with cross-disciplinary peers, manage complex initiatives that span multiple peers and teams, and leading projects start to finish, including assessing risk, setting goals, and following up with peers to ensure timely delivery
    • Write clean, maintainable, and dependable Rust / Go code powering Paradoxum Games
    • Write Helm charts and deploy services on our Kubernetes cluster
    • Help us stand up and maintain our bare-metal server fleet, located in Ashburn, VA
    • Monitor and respond to any incidents affecting user-facing services

Bonus points:

    • Experience working in a self-managed or remote environment
    • Understanding of the Roblox platform and its' limitations
    • Have experience contributing to the Open Source community
    • Have existing code snippets of your current work, either on GitHub or provided as files
$90,000 - $120,000 a year
Please note that this compensation is for employees based near our headquarters in Reston, VA. The actual base pay is dependent upon a variety of job-related factors such as professional background, training, work experience, location, business needs and market demand. Therefore, in some circumstances, the actual salary could fall outside of this expected range. This pay range is subject to change and may be modified in the future.
Please note that this job is only currently available to people that are 18+ and are based in the US! While we'd love to hire from outside the US, currently we're not able to at this time.