Product Designer

San Francisco, CA

At PatientBank, we’re committed to solving healthcare’s thorniest problems with exceptionally built, simple technology. And we’re looking for a product designer to institutionalize these values, build them into a unique design framework, and promote them across our entire product. You’ll be responsible for using your full range of product, interaction, and visual design skills to craft how Americans experience healthcare at the most fundamental level.


    • Collaborate with the product team to determine what to build at PatientBank.
    • Take responsibility for the user’s experience across our entire product—designing new features and improving old ones.
    • Develop a product specification framework for communicating features to our engineering team, helping them quickly and effectively turn designs into products
    • Take control of PatientBank’s visual identity, creating a consistent brand for everything from our user interfaces to team t-shirts and fax layouts.
    • Spend time talking to our users, empathizing with them, and translating their needs into features they didn’t realize were possible or wanted.


    • Have a track record of finding unconventional and creative solutions to problems.
    • Value simplicity above all else, employing a systematic process for identifying and resolving complexities and cruft.
    • Take initiative to learn from users and empathize with them, while being able to abstract their needs into easy-to-use products and features.
    • Have a well-formed, highly iterative design process.
    • Possess an uncanny ability to communicate products, features, or experiences to any team member or user.
    • Set an exceptionally high standard for your own work, obsessing over details and never assuming you’ve reached perfection.
    • Have strong opinions, while also seeking out opportunities to be wrong or have your beliefs disproven by others.

About PatientBank
PatientBank helps people gather and share medical records online. We're replacing the fax machine as the de facto mode for transferring data in healthcare, and we've already retrieved records from over 2,500 unique hospitals. Our team is responsible for using the data at our disposal to rebuild healthcare's medical records infrastructure in a simple, elegant, and patient-centric way. PatientBank is based in San Francisco and is backed by some of the world's best investors, such as Y Combinator, General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, SV Angel, Spectrum 28, and Data Collective.