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At Patientco, we are building the future of healthcare payments. Our technology is helping create a better payment experience for patients and in turn, providing incredible value to healthcare providers across the U.S.  Whether you are customer facing or working diligently behind the scenes, everyone at Patientco plays a vital role in improving the healthcare experience of millions of people. It’s a big job, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

As a Application Engineer at Patientco, you should care deeply about how your software is experienced. This means considering how both healthcare patients and providers use your products and how your peers will interact with your code.

Your experience should include having built and -- equally important -- maintained widely-used software. You should have a knack for making tools powerful without compromising their ease of use.

You should enjoy variety (and we aren't just referring to the food and drinks we keep stocked in our kitchen), as you should expect to move up and down the software stack. You will be writing the code that powers our payments engine, digging deep into the back-end to write and tune SQL and dabbling in the client-side JavaScript, HTML and CSS of our web app.

Our Application
Patientco is a web-based healthcare payments platform built primarily with object-oriented PHP, Golang and JavaScript (including multiple frameworks) - our team members have backgrounds in PHP, Java, .Net and Ruby.
We move quickly, deploying code many times a week, but we also spend time carefully thinking through the edge cases of our products.

What We're Looking For:

    • Experience building and maintaining products with real-world usage
    • Extensive familiarity with object-oriented software systems based in PHP, Java, .Net or Ruby (we care less about what languages you know and more about your ability to grasp concepts)
    • Great Communication Skills! Have opinions about good and bad products and the ability to justify them, we want to know what you think!
    • Advocates of the agile/lean software development process
    • A degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or have equivalent experience
    • The desire to build a great culture. Namely, be ethical, collaborative, hard-working, creative, FUN, and willing to push your boss out of the raft
    • Experience or willingness to working on a Mac (We're a Mac shop)
Engineering FAQ

Is there an on-call rotation?
Yes.  Like most SaaS platforms, we not only build the technology but also are dedicated to making sure it’s working well 24/7.  Each team has a different rotation schedule and we do our best to make sure there is minimal intrusion on peoples’ lives.  For more info on the on-call rotation, inquire within.

What is Patientco’s tech-stack?
Our web applications are built in PHP on the back-end and a couple different JavaScript frameworks on the front-end.  A lot of the internal and back-end software and processes we build are in Golang.  There’s some Ruby back there as well.  When we build new software, external and internal, we use Vue.js on the front-end.

I’ve never used Golang.  Do you require previous experience with it?
Not at all.  However we do require a strong desire and interest to learn new things whether that be languages, tools, processes, ways of doing things, mindsets, etc.

I’ve been working remotely forever and I want to stay remote.
Great!  Patientco is now a remote-first company.

Are you AGILE?
The Agilest

How we take care of the people who work here:

• An open and casual company environment that values excellent communication and collaboration skills, creative problem solving, empathy, open mindedness, extreme attention to detail, a healthy dose of grit and a good sense of humor
• Full Benefits package including health/dental/vision/401K, budget for continued education, and more
• Yearly budget for continuing education

Research shows that women (and folks from other marginalized groups) apply to 20% fewer jobs than men because they feel like they need to meet 100% of the listed criteria. On the other hand, men are more likely to apply to jobs when they meet an average of 60% of the criteria. If you think you have what it takes for this role, but don’t necessarily meet every single criteria, please get in touch with us. We’d love to chat and see if you could be a great fit.