Soil Chemistry Lab Research Associate

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Pattern Ag is an agricultural technology company leveraging advances in genomics, data science, and microbiology to help farmers improve the productivity and profitability of their land. By applying genomic analysis to farm soil, we unlock a wide range of predictive insights that help farmers optimize their spend on seed, crop protection, and fertility inputs. Combining these insights with the latest in digital sensing, data science, and machine learning, we are ushering in the era of predictive agriculture, powering on-farm decision making for millions of acres, and billions in crop spend.

We are looking for a Research Associate to be a founding member of our soil chemistry team. This person will be working in a brand new chemistry lab to provide our customers with the best fertility insights on the market today.

Required Skills

    • B.S. or M.S. in soil science, agronomy, chemistry or a similar discipline
    • Experience with soil testing using wet chemistry
    • Familiarity with laboratory instrumentation such as colorimetry, spectroscopy, or ion-selective electrodes.
    • Familiarity with quantitative analysis of any different media (e.g., soil, plant, water)
    • Must be able to multitask, work in a fast-paced setting, and prioritize activities
    • Must be able to occasionally lift 50 pounds
    • Excellent writing and communication skills


    • Soil sample receiving, organization, and inventory management
    • Dry/wet processing of soil for analysis preparation 
    • Extraction of soil nutrients with proven and innovative methodologies
    • Quantification of soil nutrient levels using various instrumentation
    • Maintain a high level of accuracy, precision, and effectiveness 
    • Commitment to laboratory safety
Thank you for considering Pattern Ag. We look forward to reviewing your application!