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Paws is disrupting the global pet industry, bringing game changing innovation and customer wow to the way we love and live with our pets. Worldwide, it's a $100bn global industry and over 5 bn people and their pets make each other deeply happy every day - but it comes at a price. Cost of good food, unexpected vets bills, holiday care issues, missing walkies due to work, health scares, mess on the carpet... 

That’s why our purpose is to make pet parenting all love and less stress - and not just for loved pets but those who get abandoned and abused too. We’re creating a new brand, a new way of shopping and a whole new way of helping people be the best pet parent they can be.

You’ll be joining our founding team of experienced, successful startup high flyers and entrepreneurs (multiple £100m+ exits previously), in our state of the art HQ near Exmouth Market - and you can bring your dog to work of course!

Are you a social media obsessive who likes nothing more than posting, getting gluey and editing 10 sec clips on your phone? Are you a natural photographer who sees #dogsofinstagram potential everywhere? Do you absolutely love getting up close and wet-nosey with pets? Then polish up your greatest stories about growing brands from scratch on social, get together an amazing portfolio of work you’ve made, get ready to talk about your favourite editing apps and let’s talk!

As a founding member of the Paws creative team, you’ll create daily social content to delight and engage pet lovers across Europe. You’ll build our in-house studio set design, setting it up exactly how you want, producing loads of fun, furry posts and developing our brand style on social. You’ll be working directly with our Creative Director and Head of Brand, not to mention our ever-growing posse of Paws pets. We’re all doers who love getting great work out fast. Warning: your work with us may result in education, positive behaviour change, happier dogs and smiles.

You’ll have 1-2 years experience in a similar role and...

    • You’re no stranger to social media, in fact you’re best friends. You’ll have a busy personal social presence and have built social buzz for a brand before. You know the vibe and etiquette of every channel - from making friends with customers, to building relationships with influencers, to nailing the rules and regs of reposting permissions. You know how to grow a following!
    • You’ll be an excellent photographer, whose feeds already cover a breadth of visual styles - capturing the life and love of everyday moments. A smartphone camera is your not-so-secret weapon. You’ll be turning our in-house dogs into Instagram stars from Day 1, so true ease with working hands-on with animals is essential. Brilliant photo retouching and edit skills also essential!
    • Shooting and editing short clips on your phone is easy for you. You’ve got a knack for timing, subtitling, personalising, and messing that makes for super sharey footage. Animation skills are a big, big plus.
    • Interactive visual communication is your super skill - a picture says a thousand words and all. Whether it’s helping people do a DIY health check on their cat with a brilliant diagram, or an online quiz showing people what being a committed pet parent really costs in time and money, you can sit with our in-house vet and knock it up in a few hours.
    • Copywriting for social comes naturally to you, you can take on a brand personality and bring it to life for our followers across different social channels. Short and sweet is your thing, and you’re not scared to get your emoji on.
    • Reactive is your middle name - if it’s a trend, you know about it, you’re riding it, creating content lightning fast that captures the mood out there. You’re a dab hand with user generated content too.
    • Getting under the skin of a brand, working out what’s ‘us’ and what’s really not is key - you can justify your creative choices and inspire the rest of the creative and marketing teams. You’re great at explaining your magic tips and tricks and training others.
    • You love a good test - what works, what do people really respond to, what can we do better next time? You’ve got the audience metrics at your fingertips, are fine to whip up some stats to show the CEO how well your shots of Dougal the Terrier went down this week, or prove how different things work better on different channels.
    • We’re less lengthy blog posts and more video, animation and memes. Think what’s now, think what’s next.

It’d be a bonus if you are:

    • Comfortable with the Adobe Suite, and pretty good with Photoshop
    • Familiar with video editing and motion graphics, using Adobe Premier or After Effects
    • Able to create animations with smartphone or desktop software or stop motion
    • Experienced with Facebook Pages Manager, Instagram Insights, Google Analytics and Google Adwords


    • Great at taking a goal and creating original content to meet it
    • Multitasker - photographing dogs one minute, crafting Instagram copy the next
    • Willing to grow with the brand, big test and learn mindset, highly collaborative
If everything here sounds like what you’d be doing on a Saturday anyway and you fancy getting actually paid to do it, plus you want to hang out with dogs, get in touch!


- Failure 'breeds' opportunity
We believe in learning by doing, and what doesn't work points us to what will. We follow the principles of a Deliberately Developmental Organisation - so every one of us improves, every time.
- 11x it
We have a big vision to build a £1.1bn+ business, in a £111bn+ market, with a small team who thinks...BIG! We revel in step changes, big pivots and bold actions. We're changing behaviour at scale - prepare to be brave.

- Do the Right thing
We always do what is best, for the customer, their pet and animals everywhere. We believe that this is compatible with big business and that a huge number of consumers share our values.

- We take everyone on the journey
We have a totally inclusive culture with maximum transparency and zero hierarchy. We build our company strategy every quarter with the whole team and naturally everyone has shares in the business.

- Think beyond yourself
We are a kind, considerate bunch. Everyone answers the door, mucks in, and acts like owners. We do what some might say are not our jobs, we work late to help if something's kicking off, we walk each other's dogs.

To live these values we look for people that are,

Thoughtful, entrepreneurial, ambitious, down to earth, positive, self-starting, creative, challenging with the ability to push back, execution focussed, high integrity, fun, transparent, high energy, able to think strategically but also roll up their sleeves. Above all, scrappy with a sense of humour.

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