Ruby Engineer

Product and Engineering
Hi, we’re Paws - a team of pet lovers and experts here to make life brilliant for pets, their people, and less fortunate pets too. We’re bringing game-changing innovation to a $100bn global industry, making it easy for pet parents to be the best they can be. And with support for abandoned pets baked into our business model (we’ve fed more than 60,000 meals to shelter dogs so far!), we’re doing plenty of good along the way.

You’ll be joining our founding team of over 40 experienced startup characters and entrepreneurs in our state-of-the-art HQ near Exmouth Market - and you can bring your dog to work, of course!

With the first version of our product out in the world and a customer base that’s growing exponentially by the day, we’re ready to introduce Paws to every single pet parent in the UK.

You may not be able to code tails to wag directly, but we believe in building great technology to improve the lives of our furry friends and their pet parents. We are building the core of our experience on top of the open source platform Solidus (formerly Spree). This means you’ll be contributing back to this project as well as to our own private repositories.

This is not a job where you’ll just sit and turn specs in to code, it’s a challenging and rewarding role where you’ll be building the basis of an experience that our users, partners and the paws team themselves will love.

What will you be doing?

- Extending our Solidus/Ruby on Rails API to serve our clients
- Writing high quality, simple and clean code
- Placing emphasis on outcome rather than output (think OKRs)
- Aspire towards TDD but be pragmatic about it
- Engaging in smart chatter about our code with the team
- Be expected to dip into some frontend too e.g admin interfaces, data visualisation

Here are your buzzwords- not exhaustive, nor prescriptive- just some things we like!

Ruby on Rails, Spree/Solidus, REST, Swagger, GraphQL, Pusher, Stripe, ActiveSupport::*, RSpec, Paperclip, Cloudinary, Redis, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Sidekiq/Resque, Puma, nginx, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform

Pets don't care about your sex, race, marital status, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion etc. and nor do we!  We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from everyone.

- 11x it
We’re super ambitious, know that failure breeds opportunity, and always go for gold

- Group Walkies
We collaborate, think beyond ourselves, and take each other’s dogs for walkies

- Pets First
We’re customer-obsessed and put their wellbeing at the heart of everything we do

To live these values we look for people that are thoughtful, entrepreneurial, ambitious, down to earth, positive, self-starting, creative, challenging with the ability to push back, execution focussed, high integrity, fun, transparent, high energy, able to think strategically but also roll up their sleeves.

Above all, scrappy with a sense of humour.

P.S - Take a peek at our events