Project & Studio Manager

Marketing & Brand
Paws is disrupting the global pet industry, bringing game changing innovation and customer wow to the way we love and live with our pets. Worldwide, it's a $100bn global industry and over 5 bn people and their pets make each other deeply happy every day - but it comes at a price. Cost of good food, unexpected vets bills, holiday care issues, missing walkies due to work, health scares, mess on the carpet... 

That’s why our purpose is to make pet parenting all love and less stress - and not just for loved pets but those who get abandoned and abused too. We’re creating a new brand, a new way of shopping and a whole new way of helping people be the best pet parent they can be.

You’ll be joining our founding team of experienced, successful startup high flyers and entrepreneurs (multiple £100m+ exits previously), in our state of the art HQ near Exmouth Market - and you can bring your dog to work of course!

Do you love pets? Would you like to work on something that’s doing good? Are you a born organiser who loves life in an early stage startup? If so, we’d love to meet, and think you’d be really happy at Paws.

As one of the founding members of the Paws Creative Team, you’ll be a driving force as we create a new brand that we hope will become a household name. Do you see yourself in the blurb below? If so, dig out your launch day stories from brands, products and campaigns, arm yourself with your best startup scaling tales and get ready to talk about how you make big things happen fast - and get in touch! 

Proven experience we'd love you to have…

    • You’ll love being the centre of the universe for our creative director, designers, writers, strategists and office dogs plus the wider team - coordinating our creation of ads, educational info and social buzz across digital, print, film and more
    • Print and packaging are something you’re very familiar with, easily managing timelines, warehousing, artwork, proofing, sign offs and all that jazz
    • Digital assets are your bread and butter - from Facebook formats to marketing emails, you know who needs to be involved, when and why
    • Phrase you’re most likely to be heard saying? “I can take care of that if you like.” No job is too small for anyone at Paws, we really do pitch in anywhere that helps. You genuinely love the variety of ordering team t-shirts with the CEO one minute, coordinating a doggy photo shoot in our in-house studio the next, followed by a big meeting with an agency about an ad campaign
    • Budgets and negotiating don’t phase you at all, you secretly quite like playing bad cop when suppliers or partners fall behind
    • You’ll love the fact that your role means you work with everyone here at some point. You’re as easy organising business cards with people’s own pets on them for new team members as you are negotiating freelancer budget with our finance team or persuading a creative that they need help to meet a deadline. Everyone knows and respects you
    • Tiny team with no process scaling in 6 months to big posse with three integrated campaigns going live in one week? It’s no problem to you to put processes in place from scratch, and adapt them as our team and workflow changes. You’re always one step ahead and great at communicating trade offs and risks
    • This role isn’t for Gantt Chart Gurus who thrive on a linear process… Flexibility will be your middle name and you’ll be used to juggling, re-jigging and just plain making things work as our startup pivots, learns and responds to customer feedback at lightning speed
    • You’ll genuinely love testing design, copy and concepts, and from setting up whisker to whisker sessions with dogs, cats and their owners to getting assets ready for a big bit of online research, you’re driving the team to get those stats!
    • Times can get tricky when you’re working on things that have never been tried before, deadlines are tight and passions run high - but nothing and no one can ruffle your feathers and keep you from getting the job done. You’re very good at improving the status quo, whilst not falling out with anyone

Desirable experience...

    • Working with agencies and other media partners on planning, budgets and timelines 


    • Unflappable
    • Excellent at prioritising competing needs and making good, fast decisions
    • Great communicator of complex projects
    • Collaborates and takes everyone on the journey with warmth and enthusiasm

- Failure 'breeds' opportunity
We believe in learning by doing, and what doesn't work points us to what will. We follow the principles of a Deliberately Developmental Organisation - so every one of us improves, every time.
- 11x it
We have a big vision to build a £1.1bn+ business, in a £111bn+ market, with a small team who thinks...BIG! We revel in step changes, big pivots and bold actions. We're changing behaviour at scale - prepare to be brave.

- Do the Right thing
We always do what is best, for the customer, their pet and animals everywhere. We believe that this is compatible with big business and that a huge number of consumers share our values.

- We take everyone on the journey
We have a totally inclusive culture with maximum transparency and zero hierarchy. We build our company strategy every quarter with the whole team and naturally everyone has shares in the business.

- Think beyond yourself
We are a kind, considerate bunch. Everyone answers the door, mucks in, and acts like owners. We do what some might say are not our jobs, we work late to help if something's kicking off, we walk each other's dogs.

To live these values we look for people that are,

Thoughtful, entrepreneurial, ambitious, down to earth, positive, self-starting, creative, challenging with the ability to push back, execution focussed, high integrity, fun, transparent, high energy, able to think strategically but also roll up their sleeves. Above all, scrappy with a sense of humour.