Product Manager- Insurance

Mumbai /
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Responsibilities :
• Working closely with business managers to understand product use cases, customer journeys, business applicability and impact of each use case.
• Ability to understand different technology platforms, their features and be able to work with solution architects/engineering managers and thus enable and guide the product team to write detailed product requirement documents, manage future roadmaps and deliverables
• Make sure that clear, simple and technically sound decisions are made.
• With your strong knowledge on different technology platforms in your vertical or in the company, we expect you to raise your hand when either any wrong design decision is being made or if similar function exists in other systems that could be reused.
• Ability to work with multiple stakeholders / peers in the senior management / cross-functional teams to influence them for quicker decisions, manage sudden technical roadblocks and be able to clear them.   • Participate in product team processes (Agile/Scrum) and manage expectations and track roadmap regularly
• Be involved in what your team is building - Run edge cases, test products proactively and its features to provide feedback early in the cycle, make sure entire journeys are covered, and that product reporting exists to track KPIs for the product and its success (data-driven product