Business Analyst

Job Description:
1. Responsible for analyzing raw data, manipulate, cleanse and process data using Hive/SQL/R/Python.
2. Throw insights on effectiveness of the process running across Paytm Payments Bank.
3. Create new dashboards/reports and enhance/automate the ongoing reports.
4. Develop forecasting models that consider promotional offers, historical trends, new product introductions and current capacity.
Key technical skills (not all are mandatory)
1. Expertise in Excel, VBA, SQL, R/Python
2. Experience with Big Data technologies preferably Hive, Oozie, Spark
3. Familiarity with visualization tools like Tableau, Grafana
3. Familiarity with basic statistical techniques for prediction and optimization
Desired experience:
1. 3-6 years in analytics firm or analytics divisions of e-commerce/consulting firms
2. Ability to work under high pressure
3. Structured problem solving
Work location : Noida