Machine Learning Engineer

Noida, Bangalore
• Proficiency using R / Python for predictive modelling, pattern recognition, and algorithm prototyping.
• Can apply probability models and machine learning approaches to solving complex problems
• Adept at data manipulation, transformation, and decomposition
• Identify key variables, parameters and elements defining a problem or its solution.
• Can distill highly technical knowledge and techniques to collaborators outside the problem domain.
• Java and/or Scala programming is a plus

• Previous exposure to
(i) Large datasets with low to mid level analytical complexity
(ii) Small datasets with high analytical complexity
(iii) Data structures containing complex relationship patterns
(iv) Data with low signal to noise
(v) Unstructured Data
• Algorithm development with application to solving human problems.
• Previous involvement in software development and/or distributed computing projects is a plus

• Advanced Degree or equivalent experience with a focus in one or more areas involving Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Probability Modelling, Machine Learning, Algorithm Design, Computational Finance, or Bioinformatics
• Background in mobile or e-commerce data is a plus