Senior Technology Leader (Multiple Platforms)

Noida, Bangalore /
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Paytm has been pushing the boundaries of scale since the day we launched. We have grown more than our own expectations and plans and we have almost gotten used to this fact too.

This is an amazing problem for our technology and operations teams to solve for and we are proud as well as thankful for having this problem over any other. 

This also means that we have to build systems that scale and that too with little or no precedent to look up to. 

If you are a somebody with expertise in building resilient, scalable tech, we should talk. Our scale provides unique challenges. Take for instance that ingesting data from a couple of hundred data sources in to one giant Hadoop store conks out the capacity of the network end point in the data centre or that we have a mere 50 milliseconds to check every transaction against 400 fraud-detecting rules and we need to handle that for about 1500 such checks each second. 

To be a bit more specific, we are looking for you if 

* Understand fundamentals of computer science pretty well. 
*  Understand concurrency, distributed computing, messaging and algorithm trade-offs at the laws-of-physics level.
* You love to automate your way out of work. You naturally question it if ever have to a problem more than once.
* You have experience in building and leading engineering teams. You are a natural mentor and like the process of spreading knowledge around. Sharing good practices and mentoring team members is a significant part of the role and you truly like to do it too.
* You have a good understanding of trade-offs between business goals and technical imperfection. You know enough to not make those religious debates and are known to find the optimal mix of solutions that are right for the company. 
* You'd be a thought leader and mentor the engineering team on technical, architectural, design and other related issues.
* You are truly hands-on and expect to build software as part of your day.
* You will proactively identify architectural weaknesses and recommend appropriate solutions, perform functional and code reviews in related areas within and across product engineering team.
* On a day to day, you’ll conduct architectural reviews with one or more teams and brainstorm on methods to solve technical challenges. 

Paytm is a fun place to work and provides scale and related technology challenges that are available for you to get your hands dirty with. We have grown faster than nearly all commerce (and even internet) companies and this is because of our extreme focus on keeping the consumers' interest at the forefront. Needless to say, we are not a 9 to 5 company and will probably never be. We do however offer a ride of a lifetime and an opportunity to be a part of providing a real difference to the lives of millions of people. We offer competitive pay and focus  on cultural fit in the team just as much as the tech capabilities in our hiring process and aim to hire a person who is better than us. This is specifically true for this role so expect to prove us wrong in the interviews to go through. Serious. 

If you think you would like to work with us, we invite you to apply. In the interview process itself, you will meet a few interesting people and will learn a lot more about us.