Backend Developer

Noida, Gurugram
Job Description
We are looking for ninjas who want to help us design cutting edge scalable products to meet our rapidly growing business. We are building out a team and looking for
multiple levels but you should have at least 8 years of programming experience.
Key Responsibilities
Ø  Build high availability and extreme reliable high volume transactional systems.
Ø  Deliver reliable solutions that handle massive data and high traffic.
Skills required
Ø  MS or BS/B.Tech in computer science or equivalent experience from top college.
Ø  Hands-on experience in writing Java , advanced Java ,Node.js applications.
Ø  Proficiency in multiple programming language, both dynamic (JavaScript, Python, etc.) and strongly typed object oriented language.
Ø  Experience and knowledge of open source tools & frameworks, broader cutting edge technologies around server side development.
Ø  Excellent data structure & algorithm and problem solving skills.
Ø  Should be an active contributor to developer communities like Stackoverflow, Topcoder, Github, Google Developer Groups (GDGs).
Bonus if you have:
Ø  Familiarity with: Java, PHP, Couchbase, DynamoDB
Ø  AWS experience
Ø  Full-stack knowledge
Ø  Prior startup experience