Advertising Creative Intern

New York /
Creative /
Note: This is a part-time role but it can become full-time quickly if we like your work and if you're interested in becoming a full-time member of the team.

What you’ll do as an Advertising Creative Intern:

    • Be the liaison between our designers, copywriters, videographers, motion designers, and our Creative Director to orchestrate the production of advertising creative.
    • Assist in the creation of ad creative briefs based on learnings from past advertising performance data.
    • Assist in the curation and production of our Ad Creative Newsletter which has thousands of subscribers.
    • You will help maintain feedback on creative, copy, and videos our team produces.
    • You will communicate with the ad operations team on creative learnings and strategies for weekly client meetings.
    • You will work with clients spending millions of dollars of ad-spend reaching millions of people around the world.
    • You will stay on top of trends through business/industry monitoring and outside resources (e.g., research bodies, academics, industry leaders)

What you’d need to succeed:

    • Curiosity about design analysis in order to find out which ads perform well and which elements in them are key to the ads’ success
    • Desire to become one of the best creative minds in digital advertising
    • Ability to effectively communicate high-level thoughts, collecting creative feedback, and creative direction in both writing and meetings.
    • Ability to be part of multiple accounts simultaneously without missing details.
    • Have analytical knowledge for assessing the performance of ad creative.
    • Proactivity and ownership of improving the performance of ad creative for accounts
    • Be a pleasure to work with :)

How to send a successful job application:

    • Submit a cover letter telling us why you'd like to learn about paid social ads, design, growth, or copywriting (or all of them!)
    • Tell us how much time you can commit to this role. We have plenty of work to go around!
    • We want to get to know you, so tell us something about yourself. Something you're into or geek out on!