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Pendulum™  is on a mission to help people improve physical and mental health by creating a new category of products that target the microbiome. We are researching, developing and commercializing a novel class of rationally-designed Live SynbioticsTM (probiotics + prebiotics) that have demonstrated clinical efficacy to treat conditions like metabolic syndrome, inflammation and neurodegeneration. 

Pendulum™  has created proprietary pipelines to build a unique discovery platform that identifies key, novel bacterial strains and the prebiotics that feed them. 

We are a highly collaborative team of scientists, engineers, physicians, marketers and salespeople interested in improving human health by using the latest research from diverse fields, such as microbiology, molecular biology, high-throughput genomics, distributed computing, pharmaceutical development and nutrition. We believe strongly in an individual’s transparency and strong communication to enable the most effective and efficient path to team success.

If you’re interested in building a new category of products that will help improve the lives of people globally and you love working in a cross-functional, collaborative, inspiring environment, please continue reading!

We are passionate about building products that are best-in-class and we are looking for individuals who embody that same desire.

If you're someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment where autonomy and collaboration are equally valued, AND you are excited to dedicate your life to improving health, we want you to join us!

Feel compelled by our mission and vision, but don't see your dream job listed? Please apply here, and let us know which of the following departments you are interested in.

Pendulum Departments:

    • Compute R&D (Software Engineering and Data Analytics)
    • Lab R&D (Biochemistry and Microbiology)
    • Manufacturing
    • People and Culture
    • Marketing
    • Medical Affairs
    • Operations
    • IT
Pendulum's™  team is as diverse as a healthy microbiome. We welcome all to apply.