User Research Intern

User Research
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Come and join PicCollage where you can work with an international team and learn from seasoned developers on a popular mobile app with significant traction (millions of active users per day), as well as on new product ideas! As an equal opportunity employer, we support and accept differences and strive to create a workplace where stimulate creativity, collaboration and learning from all members.

As a user research intern, you will get involved in user research process and management by directly working on either regular user interviews in the office or project-based researches. During your internship, you will help the user research function to run a stable service in order to understand what users think by taking different research requests. 

You will get involved in and learn how to plan, conduct user research by co-working with other team members such as product managers and designers, and deliver the user insights to make an impact in the product development process in PicCollage or other new products. Your involvement and contribution will turn the user insights into product features or improvements to help PicCollage users to create, share and celebrate the moments. Furthermore, you’ll facilitate the innovation process to develop new products or services for new users around the world. 


    • Assist participant recruitment for different research projects as a seamless experience for users, including creating recruiting plans, posting ads, screening candidates, scheduling sessions and coordinating incentive payments. 
    • Run weekly basis user interview process by coordinating with projects, organizing the sessions, note-taking, and video documenting. 
    • Organize, analyze and deliver user insights to the product development process. 
    • Help the search to hire the next intern at the end of the internship. 


    • Always curious and eager to understand user behavior. 
    • Committed, observant and proactive to take initiatives or solve problems. 
    • Excellent organization, time management, and interpersonal skills. 
    • Strong understanding of the strengths and shortcomings of different research methods, for example, when and how to apply them based on the project needs in the product development process.
    • Familiar with user interview techniques. Practices and experience in user research especially user interview and usability testing. 
    • Ability to interpret large amounts of user input, multi-task, and come up with results independently and collaboratively with other team members. 


    • Experience integrating user research into product designs and design practices.
    • Experience and knowledge of statistics and experimental design.
Please note we prefer interns who can work at least three days a week (during the academic year) for at least 6 months. If you believe you fit the bill above, and are eager to start a new journey of being part of a fun and creative startup team, hesitate no more and join us!

We value your interest, and strive to make the interview process fast and informative for you.

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