Product Test Manager

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We are looking for an experienced Product Test Manager to join our team in making products that will be used by millions of people around the world.

You will be involved in the product development process and work with PMs, developers, and manual testers in sprints and projects to develop, implement, and manage testing processes and test plans to ensure that products meet required specifications for quality, function, and reliability prior to delivery.


    • Provide guidance, leadership, and training to product development teams and ensure consistency of quality efforts across all teams.
    • Review and write test cases.
    • Manage and recruit product testers.
    • Work closely with Test Engineers and Manual Testers to identify and analyze issues or bugs, and recommend/facilitate solutions to these issues.
    • Improve the areas for automated, manual, and exploratory testing.


    • Experience in reviewing product requirements, creating test plans/cases, and testing software applications for Mobile.
    • Understand end-user platforms and OS (Android, iOS, Web Browsers).
    • Leadership and cross-functional communication skills.


    • Understand CI/CD concepts, Scrum/Agile environment, and testing processes, such as CircleCI.
    • Familiar with automation knowledge and tools, ex. XCTest, Espresso, UI Automator.
    • Experienced in any of the popular programming languages, such as Python, Ruby, Swift, Java, Go, Javascript…etc.
    • Has been in a team running Scrum.