Machine Learning Engineer (Generative Models)

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This is an exciting role that offers a chance to work at the cutting edge of AI. In short, your main responsibility would be to harness the potential of recent breakthroughs in AI, especially in the area of generative models, to drive impact.


    • Understand recent advancements in machine learning, especially Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), at a deep technical level. Use this knowledge to create novel technologies that were not possible before.
    • Identify key problems and opportunities that can be addressed using these technologies.
    • Brainstorm and implement possible improvements to these technologies. Eg how to make a model smaller, optimize it for CoreML, and finetune for new data.
    • Stay up to date with the research landscape in these areas.

Requirements and skills- Technical

    • Well-versed with using at least one deep learning framework, preferably PyTorch.
    • Clear and thorough understanding of the original transformer architecture and its variants.
    • Knowledge of diffusion models - both theoretical and practical.
    • Good understanding of how multi-modal and large language models work (eg data used for training, loss functions, inference, limitations).
    • Have a keen eye for detail - willingness to understand the nitty-gritty details, reading the source code when necessary.

Requirements and skills- Non-technical

    • Ability to think about potential applications and the impact of recent advances in AI (and not just focus on technical details).
    • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
    • Self-motivated and proactive: the ability to learn, figure things out and identify key problems to solve with little or no supervision.