iOS Developer Intern

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Come and join PicCollage where you can work with an international team and learn from seasoned developers on a popular mobile app with significant traction (millions of active users per day), as well as on new product ideas! As an equal opportunity employer, we support and accept differences and strive to create a workplace where stimulate creativity, collaboration and learning from all members.

As an iOS Developer intern, you will collaborate with product managers, designers and of course other excellent developers to build products, improve code quality and have a positive impact on the community. In addition, you will have the chance to dive into new interesting areas and new technologies.

With all that said, we promote proactiveness, curiosity and activeness in learning because we are all on the way to develop ourselves into becoming an even greater developer. If you are passionate about building, learning and sharing, come talk to us!

你熱愛 coding、有很強的學習能力,想在真槍實彈的環境發揮你的強大實力。 我們在找 iOS 軟體開發實習生, 一起和資深開發者優化破億下載的產品、開發新功能!

身為開發實習生,除了對各種 CS 課程駕輕就熟外,你還要對新科技有一份狂熱,而且你要夠勇敢, 因為你將會跟著 CEO、CTO 及 Developer Team 一起跳上探索未知的戰艦,研究 Machine Learning 等技術, 並運用這些技術優化現有產品或開發全新 app。


    • design, build and maintain advanced applications for iOS platform, which has been downloaded over 100 million times!
    • continuously discover, evaluate, and utilize new technologies to maximize development efficiency(e.g., with tests and continuous integration).
    • participate in different fun hack projects(e.g., games, video apps, chat apps, VR).


    • has experience in iOS development with Objective-C and Swift.
    • is familiar with object-oriented programming and data structures.
    • has knowledge of version control platforms. Preferred good experience with git.
    • has the ability and enthusiasm to learn new technologies in a short time.
    • enjoys challenges.
    • has good communication skills.
Please note we prefer interns who can work at least three days a week (during the academic year) for at least 6 months. If you believe you fit the bill above, and are eager to start a new journey of being part of a fun and creative startup team, hesitate no more and join us!

We value your interest, and strive to make the interview process fast and informative for you.

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