Machine Learning Engineer (Visual Creativity)

* Developer
Full time
Join us in our journey to combine friendly design and magical technology to help people celebrate the moments and relationships that matter to them. Work together with us to build apps (such as PicCollage) that make photos and videos more fun and meaningful for hundreds of millions of people around the world.
You will engage your creativity, explore emerging areas (3D, AR, VR), apply deep technologies (AI, CV) and build products for a global audience. Based on your skills and interests, you will have a chance to work on new algorithms, new designs, new content, new products and new partnerships. If this gets you excited, we want to hear from you!

Do you want to make multimedia magic for millions of users around the world? We are applying machine learning to visual creativity.


What you will do in PicCollage...

    • Build magical effects and boost the creativity of millions of people around the world!
    • Work on algorithms to manipulate images and videos, and do research on image processing and machine learning techniques.
    • Bring your own ideas to work and make them come to life by quickly building prototypes
    • Work in an international team on challenging problems.
    • Work with mobile engineers to implement algorithms into apps

We need someone who...

    • Has familiarity with one or more of these: OpenCV, C/C++, Python, Java.
    • Has experience with computer vision and machine learning projects (preferably at the MS/PhD level), using ML libraries like Tensorflow, Pytorch, Caffe, etc
    • Has strong math and analytical abilities, but also an artistic side!
    • Is self-motivated and focused, but also creative and energetic.
    • Has strong communication skills in English.

For your information, the recruiting process includes several sessions: Application review => (Email chat) => Phone interview => Take home quiz => On-site interview => Follow up and final decision

The PicCollage team will be in contact with you via email. Thank you again for your patience and interest in PicCollage!