Senior Web3 Developer - CHAMPIONS

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We are looking for a Senior Web3 Developer to join our dynamic engineering team to create games involving blockchain technologies within our Bogota-based studio. Our team is focused on building a AAA, multi-platform online Game: Champions Ascension.


    • Build, and ship the most impactful features in Backend services.
    • Work with Senior leadership to establish and enforce good architectural standards.
    • Work with a team to build large scale data services and backend systems.
    • Debug issues in production environments across multiple levels of the tech stack.
    • Pragmatic approach to ensure the player experience is optimized.
    • Collaborate with our central technology team to create game services to help support blockchain-backed game creation.


    • 5+ Years of expertise with backend development.
    • High level of fluency with and experience using technologies, databases and frameworks like (but not limited to) .NET, ASP.NET, C#, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, DynamoDB, Spanner, BigTable, BigQuery, Pub/Sub, SQS, S3, Lambda, Redis, or deep experience with relevant transferable technologies.
    • Proficiency in Solidity and at least one other non-smart-contract language.
    • Solid mastery of the EVM and differences across L1 + L2 + L3 environments.
    • Proficiency in Web3 technologies (Ethereum, Solidity, IPFS, Web3.js, etc.).
    • Proven experience working with large, long-lived backend code bases, with a focus on sustainable patterns.
    • Ability to work iteratively.
    • Strong problem-solving skills.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills.


    • Passion for automation
    • A good sense of humor is a definite plus. HA HA.
    • Exposure to micro-service development.
    • Exposure to Cloud development (AWS/GCP) and Continuous Integration/Delivery environments (CI/CD)
    • Experience in Distributed Systems
    • Strong knowledge and experience with the C# language.
    • Experience building web applications using .NET, ASP.NET and/or ASP.NET (MVC).
    • Previous experience working on games.