Full-stack developer (Remote)

Warsaw / Barcelona / Berlin / Limassol / Tbilisi / Yerevan / Belgrade / Riga / Lisbon / Budapest / Tallinn
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About us:

Planner 5D is a global hub for home design, uniting over 90+ million users in 230 territories around our planet (yes, we have 2 users connecting from Antarctica each month!). Our platform simplifies the home renovation process from concept to execution, and this process has never been more straightforward with our cutting-edge software. You don't need to be a professional designer to enhance your home or workspace. We are dedicated to streamlining the design experience, making the customization of dream homes accessible to everyone.

Our cross-platform presence spans Web, iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS, ensuring seamless synchronization for our users.  Planner 5D is more than just software; it's a vibrant community of enthusiastic and product-oriented professionals. From diverse backgrounds, our team collaborates across time zones, fueled by a shared passion to revolutionize the home design market.

We are constantly looking for like-minded talent eager to take ownership and drive innovation within our expanding suite of tools. Join us in shaping the future of home design.

We are searching for senior full-stack web developer who will join our web team and work on new features, improving and maintaining our current solution.

Our tech stack: PHP 7.4(8.1), Symfony, PHPUnit, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Git., Docker.
For front-end part: native Javascript, JQuery(legacy code), Typescript, Three.js(OpenGL), Webpack, Websocket, Jest (unit tests), Docker, SVG.


    • 4+ years of experience of Web development
    • Intermediate in English

Required knowledge of

    • PHP - popular frameworks, libraries, ...
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • Popular frameworks and libraries (at least jQuery)
    • ECMAScript 6+
    • CSS
    • Data - SQL (SQLite, MySQL, PosgreSQL, ...), Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, Message Queues, ...
    • Supporting technologies - REST, JSON, XML, HTML, Git, Protobuf, ...
    • Payment systems / APIs (PayPal, Stripe, Apple / Google payment processing, ...)
    • How to write clean and maintainable code
    • Best practices in security, performance, memory management, maintainability, data structure, ...
    • Good understanding of server infrastructure, web protocols (HTTP, Web Sockets, ...)
    • Ecosystem

Nice to have

    • Understanding of mathematics, geometry
    • 2D and 3D graphics (for example Canvas, WebGL, OpenGL, ...)
    • Understanding of Russian or Lithuanian languages
    • Some knowledge of Laravel, Symfony, Doctrine, AngularJs, ReactJS, VueJS, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, ...

You will be truly welcome in our team if:

    • Love what you do: We're looking for team members who truly enjoy their work and bring that enthusiasm to the team every day.
    • Tech geek at heart: If coding, experimenting with new software tools, or curious about tech trends is your thing, you're speaking our language.
    • with solution-oriented mindset: When you are faced with challenges, you start thinking of possible solutions instead of dwelling on the problems.
    • Have tech hobbies? Yes, Please!: programming, microcontrollers, 3D printing, physics, mathematics, etc.
    • Team Player Who Gets It: We value team members who can grasp tasks quickly and communicate their ideas effectively – teamwork makes the dream work!

What we offer:
- Great work environment that balances freedom and responsibility
- Our team is made up of friendly and passionate enthusiasts who are eager to help and share their knowledge
- We believe in work-life balance, so you'll receive around 30+ days of paid holidays per year
- Company computer equipment by request
- Education courses for our team members, and we're willing to allocate funds toward your training expenses
- English classes on our corporate platform
- Offline company events in Lithuania and online team-building
- Unlimited free Planner5D subscriptions